Designing emails is a bit more different and technical than coding and designing a website. You have to go back to the old-school methods of hardcore coding and programming for that. Not to mention, it can be a really tedious task – especially if you are not absolutely sure about programming and web development. This is why using email marketing templates is a much better idea in most situations.

Moreover, mobile marketing is fast becoming the next big thing. In order to ensure maximum reach of your email marketing campaign, you have to optimize your emails for smartphones and mobile devices. It is estimated that approximately 50% users open and read emails on their cellphones and mobile devices (tablets). Therefore, if you do not optimize your email designs in accordance with that, you simply lose half of your potential prospects.

10 Email Marketing Templates That Truly Dominate

Following is a list of 10 really good email marketing templates that you can use for your e-newsletter campaigns. All of these templates are fully optimized for mobile devices and smartphones.

1) Magnetiq

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Magnetiq is a set of 75 different email marketing templates. It is a multi-purpose set of email marketing templates that is fully optimized for smartphones and mobile devices. 11 unique layouts, multiple modern features, a very clean and professional look, a really flexible structure to designing emails and compatibility with many professional email services, e.g. MailChimp, CampaignMonitor, etc. make it an excellent package to buy.


2) Campaigner

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Campaigner is another fully responsive and multi-purpose email marketing template. It is also loaded with a lot of useful and interesting features, and most importantly, it is fully compatible with all the major email clients.

Furthermore, 2 different skins, 8 colors and 9 different layouts make hundreds of different variations that you can use for your marketing campaign.


3) Quinn

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If you want to fully showcase your products, Quinn can be a great option for your marketing campaign. It has 128 HTML files with 6 different color schemes. Moreover, the templates are fully compatible with MailChimp and CampaignMonitor.

Apart from that, they are fully optimized for mobile devices, too.



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It is a set of different email marketing templates, each being fully responsive and optimized for mobile devices. The templates offer a lot of different layouts. So you can choose whichever layout works best for your email marketing campaign. The package is loaded with all the modern features and fully compatible with all the major email clients, ISPs and mobile applications.

5) Market

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Market offers you great flexibility, versatility and a ton of different options for your email marketing templates. It is packed with thousands of different variations that give your marketing campaign a whole unique outlook. In a nutshell, it has 8 different prebuild layouts, approximately 24 different color variations and 28 elements that make over 1 million variations for emails.


6) Freshmail

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Unlike many other email marketing templates, Freshmail is a clean, minimalist, yet a very colorful email design that helps you focus on the right areas. More importantly, Freshmail is MailChimp and CampaignMonitor ready, with many flexible modules and layouts for customization.

Not to mention, it is 100% optimized for smartphones and tablets.


7) FancyMail

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FancyMail is a stunning email marketing template with rich-colors, an elegant design and a whole lot of various useful options. It has 7 different layouts with 8 color variations – which make customization super-easy and impressive. Most of all, it is built on all the modern principles and design-rules, which make it an excellent choice for most online businesses and email marketers.


8) MetroMail

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MetroMail is basically designed on the concept of metro-tiles and boxes. Apart from its slightly unique design, it is a beautiful template with all the interesting and useful options that a professional email marketing template should have.

Other than its 8 different layouts and 8 color variations, it is a multi-purpose and fully-responsive email marketing template that works in most circumstances.


9) SquarePath

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Although SquarePath is a multi-purpose template, you should especially consider it if you are promoting a new product. Its design works specifically well with products’ promotion and marketing.

Unsurprisingly, it is a feature-rich, fully-compatible and mobile responsive email marketing template with a lot of useful options for customization and different variations.


10) Modern

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Modern, as its name suggests, is a truly next-generation and modern email marketing template. It is an excellent fully-responsive email marketing template that is feature-rich, color-packed and elegant at the same time. With 12 totally unique layout variations and 12 block models, you have a lot of options to customize the template and make it look exactly how you want. Furthermore, it is also fully compatible with all the major email clients and service-providers.


Final Words About These Email Marketing Templates

So these are the 10 email marketing templates. You can use any one of them, based on your specific requirements and needs. All of these email marketing templates are 100% responsive and optimized for mobile devices – and it is something that you must consider when purchasing an email marketing template.

Of course, in some cases you may still prefer a fully customized email marketing template, but creating an email marketing template from scratch is time consuming, so it’s always a question of balancing your time and expenses. Of course if you are an email marketer who doesn’t mind to do a little design in free time, creating something of your own is always a good thing. The Internet is full of tutorials and information that makes it possible to get the job done. You could start with something like basics of responsive email design and work your way deeper into the subject.

Last, but not the least, do not forget the specific requirements of your business. You must have a clear email marketing strategy first. Only then you would be able to select a template that will truly help you achieving that goal of yours.

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Author Bio: This content was written by Peete. He is an internet marketer who’s recently got himself into email marketing for a change.


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