Bridging the Gap Between Blogs & Emails...

Kiesha Joseph

Step into a world where blogs and emails team up to make your marketing super exciting. Picture a cool dance where stories from blogs become the heroes in awesome emails, and those

3 Tips for Reaching Out to Influential...

Kiesha Joseph

Trying to grow your brand online? Savvy business owners understand the value of blogging regularly to grow brands. Many bloggers are quite willing to help your brand grow. Some may blog for/about your brand for free. Others will charge a fee. Either way, reaching out to influential bloggers is key simply because they’ll bring more […]

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Weapons Of Mass Destruction – 10 Email...

Content Marketing Geek

Designing emails is a bit more different and technical than coding and designing a website. You have to go back to the old-school methods of hardcore coding and programming for that. Not