Pinterest Strategy for Business - Pin Your Way to Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day 2014 is just 10 days away, and hopefully you’re prepared with your social media marketing strategy.

If your business represents a fashion, cosmetic or lifestyle brand, you must use Valentine’s Day fever as an opportunity to showcase and sell your products. Pinterest social media marketing is the best platform to display your awesome beautiful products.

Increase Conversion Rates with a Pinterest Strategy for Business

A Pinterest strategy for business provides you with a high conversion rate. That’s because Pinterst users can click your product image, and be redirected directly to the webpage on your site where the product can be purchased. This helps you capitalize on the impulse shopping tendency of social media users.

Here are five ways to help increase your brand’s conversion rates using a Pinterest strategy for business:

1. Valentine Pinboards:

The ideas below are just a few ideas for various types of business brands. Use these Pinterest strategy for business tips to help increase online sales during the Valentine’s Day 2014 holiday:

  • Restaurants – If your business is a restaurant, you can pin various ambiance and food images of your awesome romantic settings. Showcase how beautiful your venue is for a Valentine’s evening of love and romance.
  • Apparel & Accessories – Women love accessories, clothing, shoes and all other apparel. If your business brand or boutique caters to such products, then you simply must set up Valentine Pinboards. Your Pinboards can contain your collection of reds, whites and pinks. You can also target men as most of them wouldn’t know what to give their better half. And, voila, your Pinboard to the rescue! Don’t forget to use Promoted Pins for wider reach and higher lead conversions.
  • Valentine’s Day Flowers – Flowers are always in high demand for Valentine’s Day. Your Pinterest strategy for business should include a Pinboard that has various flower arrangements and some special Valentine’s Day gifts, such as stuffed animals, baskets, cards, candles, etc… Any products included in your list of Valentine specials should be included as well. Various floral and candle decor images to sell your home and lifestyle products do really well this Valentine’s Day season.
  • Weekend Getaways – Valentine’s Day 2014 falls on a Friday. So, why not encourage your Pinterest followers to take special tours or romantic weekend getaways? Pin images of your resorts or special holidays location with packages and entice your followers with them. Make sure you offer your followers special deals for signing up through your Pinterest Valentine’s Day Pinboard.

2. Run a Contest on Pinterest

Social media users tend to enjoy contests. Add a Collaborative Pinboard to your Pinterest strategy for business to entice your followers to take part in your Valentine contest. You can ask your Pinterest followers to pin pictures of the products they would want to gift to their Valentines, preferably from your brand. Offer coupons, discounts and free products or services to winners, chosen based on your Pinterest Collaborative Pinboard contest.

3. Promoted Pinterest Pins

Make use of Promoted Pins to make your products, services, offers and specials more popular with online consumers. With promoted Pins, you can actually convert your followers into fans as they can be instantly redirected to the page where the products can be purchased. You can also allow followers to register for contests, promotions, and more. Your conversion rate increases using this Pinterest Strategy for Business because it capitalizes on the impulse shopping feature of consumers on social media.

4. Cakes and Cupcakes Pinboards

You can also create Pinterest strategy for business pinboards to be used for pinning and sharing Valentine’s Day baked goods with your followers. If your brand is a bakery business, nothing moves faster on internet for Valentine’s Day than a brilliantly cooked cake or other baked good. You may even want to include a review or simple recipe. Valentine’s Day is a time for cakes and cupcakes full of love. If you cater to that audience, make sure your images find their way on Pinterest!

Increase your online sales this Valentine's Day with Pinterest for Business

5. Integrate Your Pinterest Strategy for Business with Facebook

Don’t miss out on building wider audience online. Add Pinterest on Facebook and showcase all your beautiful Pins, promotions and contests on Facebook as well. This will help you gain a much wider audience, capture more leads, nurture your leads and eventually convert these leads into sales. What’s the simplest way to accomplish this? Try using Apps Mav.

What is Apps Mav?

Apps Mav is a simple, automated way to showcase your Pinboards and Pins on your Facebook Fan page. The Apps Mav Facebook application is both easy-to-use and self-manageable. Here are just some of the features of Apps Mav Pinterest App:

  • Integrate your Faceboook Fan Page and your Pinterest strategy for business on one platform.
  • Self-install the Pinterest App with just a few simple clicks. Self-manageable with no technical abilities required.
  • Automatically stream your Pinterest Pins on your brand’s Facebook Fan Page using integrated social features.
  • Cancel your service anytime. There are no contracts or lock-ins whatsoever.

Get the Apps Mav Pinterest App Today

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Author Bio: Ritika Verma enjoys writing about social media strategies and is a complete digital marketing enthusiast. She is currently working with Apps Mav and you can follow them @appsmav.


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