There are many varying factors that separate notably average blogs from the undeniably great websites that we find ourselves checking into every day. Is it outstanding writing and writers that make certain blogs must reads? Or, is it the interesting content that makes certain articles stand out over others?

Is Your Content Simply Average?

The honest truth is that while experienced, consistent writing and above average content is essential to build a successful blog, that is not always enough. The final key element that all successful blogs and websites share is their overall audience engagement.

Top blogs like BuzzFeed, Cracked and Barstool Sports have all perfected the art of pinpointing readers with relatable, engaging content that keeps their audiences coming back for more. This engagement has allowed such websites to build notable brands through the input of the audiences themselves.

A Perfect Example of Engaging Your Audience

Barstool Sports is a prime example of this as they have risen to internet stardom in recent years, and in a relatively quick period of time. However, they aren’t very new to the internet scene… In fact, Barstool Sports was publishing content as early as 2004.

You want your audience to find your content so interesting, that they simply MUST share it.
You want your audience to find your content so interesting, that they simply MUST share it.

Since then they have always maintained a loyal and engaged audience, Barstool was always valued by potential buyers. The website has an uncanny ability to make readers feel as if they are friends with the writers and office workers of the website.

This popular site delivers sports/pop culture commentary for the “every man” and it’s this relatable content that propels their ability to engage audiences. Sports Creator and Director of Content, Dave Portnoy is instrumental in his own site’s ability to generate readers and page views.

Senior Write Jerry Thornton is quoted as saying:

“He’s got a lot of ‘Masshole’ in him–guys here love breaking each other’s balls. He isn’t afraid to tell you that you suck while he’s being a friend to you. That’s Barstool: It’s honest and it’s funny, and that’s what people are looking for but don’t get elsewhere.”

The Art of Engaging with Employees Online

The company has created an environment within its structure that places spotlight on every day, run-of-the-mill office employees. Administrators provided articles and videos on the site with a lot of engagement due to the relatable nature of the content.

While barstool doesn’t have the most established writers on its site, its fans certainly know and love them for what they are. And, that just goes to show that engagement works in mysterious ways.

You must engage with your audience to keep them coming back to your blog for more.
You must engage with your audience to keep them coming back to your blog for more.

Relatable Content Helps Increase Engagement

While posting relatable content is definitely one way to increase engagement, you still need to give readers a reason to click on your website every day. You want your readers to feel the need to be engaged in your content… something that will keep them coming back for more.

BuzzFeed is a great example of a website that does this better than anyone else. They provide news that anyone who wants to feel up-to-date in pop culture absolutely has to know about. Not only do they provide that news that you need, they slickly seduce you into clicking on their articles through the clever use of social media.

You will see any article posted on BuzzFeed tweeted out… as well as shared to Instagram, Facebook and Reddit. This outreach not engages audience members, but makes them feel like they “should” be engaged if they aren’t already.

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