Content Marketing & How Your Website Can Help

The influx of social media platforms and new technologies may have caused websites to take a backseat in the content marketing strategy of many businesses. Creating reputable presence (with content) across different platforms, is crucial to the success of a company’s marketing, and is often termed distributed content approach.

But does this mean websites are no longer relevant in a marketer’s arsenal? Of course not. Although many have argued that the new age of social media should indicate a death sentence for websites, this not true. The nature of on-site and off-site content are different and their purposes are distinct too.

The content that your website publishes on its Instagram or Facebook page is different from what’s on published on your website, and should have different purposes. The different purpose is what makes your website important, if not necessary.

Video: What Content Should Go on My Website?

The following video was uploaded to YouTube by Butler Branding:

Website Design 101. There are 3 things every business should avoid, and 2 questions every business should ask when it comes to thinking about what content to put on your website. In this video, Sean discusses how to layout a professional website.

Topics covered in this video include:

  • Web Design Strategy
  • How to create a sitemap
  • How to create a website wireframe


4 Reasons to Never Ditch Your Website

The following are the reasons you should never ditch your website in your content marketing strategy.

1. Your Website Monetizes Your Content

You must have heard the phrase, “content is king” many times already. The more information you provide to your audience, the better your chances of earning their trust in your brand and your products/services.

Content, when properly optimized becomes a magnet for search engines and pulls traffic month after month. While the success of a social media content is judged by its number of shares and interaction, it has a somewhat short-term effect. Your website’s content continues to compound in views and ranks long after they have been published.

2. Your Website Helps Build Your Brand Identity

Building your brand identity is crucial and it is possible through consistency. With a properly organized website, you can use graphics and persuasive information to build and sustain your brand.

The core values, mission statement, and vision are crucial to earning your customer’s confidence. The algorithm for social media will continue to change, but your website and its content will remain a reliable go-to point for your core brand identity.

3. Your Website Is Your Virtual Store

The internet has turned to a reliable source for discovering new products and comparing prices. Your website is your virtual store which highlights the products and services you provide, along with information, reviews, and ‘sweet’ deals your customers need to make a decision.

Often, people are likely to make a purchase if they believe they are making an informed decision.

Of course you can do that on other platforms like Facebook and Instagram, and you should. But you’ll get more flexibility and maximize sale opportunities by selling on every platform possible, including your website.

4. Your Website Adds Credibility to Your Services & Products

When people wish to make a purchase, they are more likely to make a google search for the product. They hope to find a website that provides sufficient information.

Having a website gives consumer the impression that your brand is trustworthy, established, and legitimate. Think of your website as the one that vouches for you in the middle of a sale.

Your Brand’s Content Marketing Strategy

Adding your website to your content marketing strategy is integral to achieving success. Websites may grow old, but they never outlive their purposes. Your website’s purpose should be to bring value to the lives of your target customers.

Is your content marketing strategy working for you? If you need a strategy that brings more traffic to your site, gets you more valuable leads and click-throughs or improves your bounce rate, Content Marketing Geek can help.

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