It is an undisputed fact that many people make their purchasing decisions from search engines’ recommendations. Search engines are constantly improving their algorithms to ensure that search results fit search queries accurately. This includes results that corresponds with the user’s location. If your business operates with a local area, getting the right visibility on search engines is crucial to your online marketing success.

Your website and other online content needs to be optimized for local SEO searches.
Your website and other online content needs to be optimized for local SEO searches.

10 Local SEO Marketing Tips for Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners

Local SEO is a little trickier than the conventional SEO. Here are a ten points you must know about local SEO marketing:

1. Consistent and accurate directory listing is important

An important part of your local SEO is ensuring that you list your business on popular business directories. These listings require your business name, address, phone numbers, and your website. Also, you must ensure that your business infomation stays consistent and accurate across all the business directories. Search engines use these listings to ascertain the credibility of a business.

Examples of business directories are Google my business, Funnls local, Yelp,, Bing Places, Yahoo Local, Foursquare for Business, etc.

2. The right Local keywords matter

As a local business, you must target the keywords that best relate to your business within the local area. Using a keyword planner is an excellent way of getting the right keywords to target. If you don’t have a keyword planner, search for keywords related to your business on google. At the bottom, you’ll find related searches that you can optimize for your business’ local SEO.

3. Positive reviews are important

Positive reviews can improve your business’ ranking in search results. Often, most customers won’t leave a review unless you ask for it. Sites like Yelp, Angie’s list, Google my business, and even Facebook pages allow users to leave reviews after trying out your business.

4. Social media accounts are a must

Most of your potential customers are on social media, and may choose to use your business pages than going through your website. Ensure that you optimize your social media pages as a local business.

Mobile searches are generally for local businesses. Make sure yours is found by your local customers.
Mobile searches are generally for local businesses. Make sure yours is found by your local customers.

5. Local publications help too

Every location has regular publications that you can use to create awareness for your business. Build a relationship with the local media and bring information regarding your business to their notice.

6. Prioritize Responsiveness

Mobile responsiveness is an important part of SEO. Ensure that your website is responsive across a wide range of devices, and different browsers.

7. Optimize your store’s landing pages

Your landing pages are important part of your Local SEO. Ensure they are properly optimized and updated with relevant content and keywords.

8. Discuss your business in local forums

Join local forums and partake in conversations related to your business. Offer to answer queries and provide relevant/useful information.

Local SEO searches help your customers find you fast.
Local SEO searches help your customers find you fast.

9. Incorporate your location’s keywords into your website’s SEO

While setting up your website’s SEO, ensure you use keywords related to your location. This terms will help link your website to queries related to your business.

10. User-friendly store locator is important

Your store information is important to your customers. Make sure it’s easy to find.

Local SEO is important to your local business, and is certainly not an easy feat. Take time to review the points and incorporate them as part of your local SEO marketing techniques.

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