Empowering Gen X Entrepreneurs with DIY Marketing Solutions

Gen X Entrepreneurs: Why isn’t your small business booming yet?

Currently offering full service marketing packages and DIY courses and mentoring for Generation X small business owners. We aim to help you learn how to build communities using authenticity and synergy in 2024.

This is done through comprehensive courses and mentoring services. What is mentoring? It’s much like coaching, except my team gives you step-by-step instructions for creating content that speaks directly to the right target market for your brand.

I am Kiesha Joseph, the Content Marketing Geek. My team of digital content creators will help you drive more traffic to your website, explain your solutions to the right people the right way, and essentially, make more money with your business using your website and online marketing tactics.

Low Cost DIY Branding & Marketing Courses for Gen X Entrepreneurs

Unlock the Power of CMG’s DIY Marketing Courses & Mentoring Services

What you gain with our courses and mentoring packages:

  • Skyrocket Your Online Visibility: Drive a surge of traffic to your content, ensuring that your brand is seen by a broader audience.
  • Qualify and Capture Leads Effectively: Learn the strategies to attract and capture leads who are genuinely interested in what you offer, increasing your chances of conversion.
  • Boost Online Engagement: Elevate your online presence and engagement, fostering meaningful connections with your audience across various digital platforms.
  • Improve Social Media Networking: Gain insights and tactics to navigate and excel in social media networking, leveraging these platforms to enhance your brand’s reach and influence.
  • Rule Your Niche: Establish your authority and dominance in your specific niche or market as an industry authority, positioning yourself as a leader your target market can trust.
  • Secure Your Retirement:

Gen X Entrepreneurs: The Dirty Little Secrets About YOUR Target Market

This course was designed with established businesses in mind. If your business is more than five years old, yet it’s still not where you think it should be, you’re talking to the wrong people online. Plain and simple.

I’m not here to do the work for you. Instead, I help you figure out the best people to connect with online, to improve your digital marketing efforts. My course comes with:

  • Step By Step Instructions – Learn exactly what you need to do to create content for webpages, blogs and more that reels in the people most like to buy from you
  • Free Access to Audio Version – Get access to the interactive version with short videos and the non-interactive version for learning while driving or doing other things
  • Everything You Need For DIY Marketing – If you have any type of content writing, SEO or marketing skills, the report is all you need to get you on your way
  • Personalized Report – After completing the course, you’ll submit a questionnaire and receive a report detailing exactly who your best target audience is and how to reach them
  • Full SEO Report – Your report also comes with SEO data related to your brand specifically to help you rank for the best keywords based on authenticity
  • Generate Multiple Reports – Use free access to the report generator multiple times if you change your mindset or have multiple brands to market
  • Psychographics Vs Demographics – I show you how to use who you are to attract and connect with the right people based on authenticity


“I recently completed this course, and it markedly enriched my comprehension of my target market. It provided invaluable insights into tailoring my offerings, identifying the ideal audience, and meeting their specific demands. The course proved instrumental in guiding me on how to redefine my brand as a self-publisher. I even revamped my logo and slogan based on the newfound clarity. The highlight, however, was the comprehensive report I received at the course’s conclusion – a delightful bonus to an already exceptional learning experience. I wholeheartedly recommend it for anyone seeking strategic market insights and brand refinement.

~ Mahar k
Gen Entrepreneurs: Why Isn't Your Established Business Booming Yet?
Gen Entrepreneurs: Why Isn’t Your Established Business Booming Yet?

Calling All Gen X Entrepreneurs

Who can benefit most from the Content Marketing Geek DIY branding and marketing products? Generation X!

The people who are currently in a panic because it’s almost time to “retire” and most of us aren’t ready financially. We know we weren’t built to thrive on social security or pensions alone. So, it’s imperative that our ventures thrive now, to help sustain us a decade from now.

The people I work best with are solopreneurs, entrepreneurs and small business owners who have been in business for MORE than five years and still have yet to get where they think they should be. In every instance I’ve encountered, they were targeting the wrong people.

Psychographics vs Demographics in 2024

In 2024, it’s no longer about demographics. It’s about PSYCHOGRAPHICS!

You cannot determine what I’ll buy from you based on the fact that I’m a Black woman over 50 in California. That just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Today, as consumers, we buy from brands we connect with… be it the branding, the faces of the brand, or the solutions AKA products and services they offer. And that’s what I focus on… psychographics… which requires authenticity!

Calling All Gen X DIY Marketing & Branding Entrepreneurs

If you’re practicing DIY marketing or want to keep your branding and marketing in-house, you’ve come to the right place.

I’m currently steering away from writing content for others, and transforming Content Marketing Geek into a brand that helps you brand and market your own venture to the right people.

Hate Gen X? Get in Line! We Have Bigger Issues in 2024 #FAAFO

CMG’s Ideal Clients in 2024: Gen X Entrepreneurs

Content Marketing Geek’s ideal clients are confident in themselves and their abilities to meet the growing demands of their ideal consumers. They…

  • Want to make money doing something they love
  • Want to be a successful business owner
  • Want to create an online presence for their brands
  • Want to build an online community of followers and shoppers
  • Know who they are personally, what they want in life and are ready to work toward getting it now
  • Are willing to share some authentic piece of themselves online with their target markets, such as a hobby, trade, skill, etc… that has nothing to do with what they sell

Who Can Benefit Most from CMG’s DIY Marketing Services?

If you’ve been in business more than five years, but less than 12, you’re right where you belong. I can help you correct simple errors now, before you’re forced to give up because you’re just too old and tired to do it all by yourself.

Let’s turn that dream into a real business with employees and outsourcing resources that keep you in the executive seat where you belong!

Gen X vs Baby Boomers

For the record, I prefer not to work with Baby Boomers or brands that have been established over two decades. You people are too set in your old ways and there’s not much I can do for you except pray.

Gen X is on a different vibe right now. We’re watching the Baby Boomers, determined not to do it the way they did. For many of us, our businesses are our plans for the future.

Because, let’s face it, as the Boomers move in with us, we have to ask ourselves, do we want to have to move in with our kids within the next TWO decades? Ijs

I’m looking for self-driven Generation X small business owners willing to take part in their own marketing efforts. These people are willing to do the work, they just need directions… step-by-step.

And I’m here for it, Gen X Entrepreneurs!

Gen X Entrepreneurs: Solutions to Get Your Business Back on Track

Why Me? How I Got Here…

As a telecom technician for two decades, I was livid when AT&T Mobility laid us off just days before Christmas of 2010. I’d had enough! The following year, I started working for crumbs writing SEO content for fashion brands.

By 2012, I had launched Content Marketing Geek and I was writing everything from blog posts and news articles to press releases and eBooks. Fast forward to 2021, and I vowed to find a way… actually I started consistently praying on it… to never have to write content for other people for a living someday.

Past Clients Just Weren’t Thriving

Then, in 2022, I was searching through old clients and checking out their websites and social media. That’s when I realized almost all of them were stuck in the same places in their businesses than they were 5… 10… 15 years ago. At least their online presences were.

And I knew it was the same issue they’d had all those years earlier, they still hadn’t zeroed in on the right target markets for their brands. So, I set out to find a way to help those people specifically with that.

I essentially used their current pain points to create a plan for a suite of courses for DIY marketers and brands who want to keep up with their marketing, even if they outsource the services.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Then, I, Kiesha Joseph, read a book called The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey, and a lightbulb went off instantly. That was the key! Those seven habits were the answer to it ALL!

I transformed those seven habits into seven action tools to help established businesses rediscover the best target market for their brands, right here, right now… based on their personal psychographics!

Then, I used the course I created to rediscover my own target audience. That’s where Gen X business owners came into play. And here we are!


“It’s not a secret anymore!

This course was very informative. It was very easy to navigate, answer questions and go from lesson to lesson. I will use this information in my daily life from now on…”

Damon DMG. G

Can We Work Effectively Together?

Just like with any relationship, ideals, beliefs and personalities can clash between entrepreneurs. Even though we are essentially creating and B2B (Business-to-Business) relationship, things become a bit personal when those businesses are based on one-woman or one-man brands.

I have put my clients first for the sake of making a dollar since 2012. As of 2024, I’m in the position to choose my clients based on the type of working relationships we can build. So, for the sake of my business sanity, these are the types of marketing clients I’m seeking at this time:

1. You Are Not Sensitive

I tell it like it is. If you’re not afraid to show evidence when I’m wrong but have the business-savvy mindset needed to change to tweak your original plans for better business growth, we can work well together. You must have a backbone for change when building your brand for an online audience.

2. You Have a Marketing Budget

I can quote you prices all day. But if what I quote is not in your budget, you’ll just bolt when we could’ve created a personalized package for you. On the other hand, if you planned to spend substantially more than what I quote, you stand the chance of losing out on some off-the-chain marketing and advertising techniques by being cheap.

So, sit down and decide how much you can commit to marketing and advertising… to start, monthly, quarterly or whatever. Let me know your budget and I’ll tailor a plan perfect for you, your brand and your industry.

Don’t be shy. Just spit it out!

3. You Have Something Unique to Offer

What makes your solutions (products or services) the best answer to your target markets’ problems (the stuff they search for on Google)?

This could be you, your skills and experience, your connections, your products or services themselves, your location, your authoritative name, etc…

For Example:

Anybody can sell t-shirts with cool slogans and graphics on them. Online shoppers will pay even more for hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind art they can legally use anywhere.

But the brand that builds authentic connections with a specific group of people takes the win every time. I’ll show you how to zero in on the authenticity you need to create an audience that will follow you anywhere, and essentially buy just about anything from you!

Proudly Seeking Local Clients

In 2024, I’m looking forward to making local connections with business owners in my local areas. So, if you own a brick and mortar that you’d like to invite me to visit, feel free to hit me up.

Here are my locales:

  1. Hemet, CA
  2. San Jacinto, CA
  3. Riverside County, CA

Introducing My Free eBook – Your Gateway to Elevated Branding and Marketing!

Unlock the secrets to strategic branding and effective marketing with our exclusive free eBook. This comprehensive guide serves as your steppingstone into the world of DIY branding and marketing, offering a glimpse into the transformative strategies my course provide.

What You’ll Discover:

  • Proven tactics to revamp your brand’s online presence
  • Insider tips for crafting compelling content that resonates with your target audience
  • Essential steps to navigate the digital marketing landscape effectively
  • Sneak peek into the valuable insights awaiting you in our full DIY branding and marketing course

This free eBook is not just a grip of tips that leave you wondering what to do now. It’s an invitation to elevate your business to new heights. Dive into the fundamentals of authentic branding and strategic marketing, setting the stage for your journey toward online success.

Ready to take the first step? Download my free eBook today and kickstart your path to a thriving and authentic brand presence!

Give It Free Try!

Don’t believe me? Download my free eBook to help you get started. It’s just a preliminary introduction to my 1-hour DIY branding and marketing course for entrepreneurs who need to get their already established businesses to the next level.

If you already have a knack for writing digital content, you’ll have no problem using this free information to revamp your brand into an authentic industry resource for your target market. It’s just a matter of zooming in on who those people are!

Gen Entrepreneurs: Market Your Brand the Right Way

However, if content writing is not your thing, my DIY marketing and branding course is exactly what you need to upscale your online SEO. You’ll get a Target Market Report personalized specifically for your brand based on your answers to a questionnaire at the end of the course.

Simply give that report to your marketer, and you’re on your way!

Your complimentary personalized Target Market Report lays out everything they need to create SEO-friendly content that represents your brand authentically. Because… at the end of the day… YOU ARE your brand!!!

Ready to Transform Your Brand? Give it a try today! Download your free eBook for Gen Entrepreneurs now!!!

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