Today, so many younger generations actually claim to hate Gen X, and even disrespect us by calling us by our parents’ nickname, The Boomers. Big problem is, the #FAAFO Generation could literally care less.

#FAAFO: If You Hate Gen X, Get in Line! We Have Bigger Issues in 2024.
#FAAFO: If You Hate Gen X, Get in Line! We Have Bigger Issues in 2024.

We are on the brink of retirement, with many of us strapped with the responsibilities of worrying about our Baby Boomer parents.

Add the adult children who keep us on edge, and those adorable grandbabies we would love to spend more time with, and our main focus becomes financial security… not who doesn’t like us.

The Sandwich Generation Has Questions

Oh, Gen X, the misunderstood heroes of our time! Unlike those sensitive Baby Boomers who can’t handle a bit of criticism, we, the resilient, forgotten Gen X-ers, welcome the attempts of young folks trying to bring us down.

Born in 1970, I’ve got some profound thoughts about the generations before and after us, the ones essentially transforming us into the Sandwich Generation:

  • Why can’t kids write in cursive or read analog clocks? Seriously, what happened to those essential life skills?
  • Is it morally wrong to kick our kids out on Saturdays like our tough-love Baby Boomer parents did to us?
  • And why on earth do Baby Boomers insist on calling us “young folks” when they were definitely not lifting weights in their 50s?

Gen X Is the New Lame

Sure, these are just my feelings, providing nothing more than private amusement. But hold onto your hats because we’re facing the most critical crisis in generational discourse history—yes, younger adults are being mean to us!

And sadly, they’re pissed off because we just don’t seem to care!!!

Witness the groundbreaking tweets on X (formerly Twitter) that should have made me sad. But instead, they just made me laugh:

“Gen X sucks.”

“Gen X had it easy with their high-income jobs and mortgages.”

“Worst leaders ever, zero empathy!”

“And why the heck do these youngsters keep referring to Gen Xers as Boomers, then wonder why we walk around pissed off?”

For the last time, I am NOT a Boomer!
For the last time, I am NOT a Boomer!

Millennials vs Gen Xers

I texted my millennial, 33 year-old cousin Jada, and asked her how she feels about Baby Boomers and Gen Xers. She dropped some truth bombs:

“Boomers know they’re squares. But Gen X? Y’all are lame and don’t even know it. You actually think you’re cool.”

Hold up, youngins think I’m not cool? Guess who cares? Spoiler alert: not me.

Gen Xers Barely Like Gen X

I checked in with my 50-something friends to see how they felt about Gen X hate. Turns out, we’ve got a new nickname: The F**k Around And Find Out Generation! #FAAFO

My friend, Damone, 54, summed it up:

“No one hates me more than I hate myself. Good luck making me feel bad—I’m a pro at it all on my own.”

Yep, we’ve mastered the art of self-insults. So, bring on the hate. We will reign as champions forever.

The Sad Phone Call

Ingrid, the quintessential Gen X-er who wrote a book about how streaming ruined Hip Hop, seemed like the right person to jaw jack about this with… So, I did. But as soon as we got on the phone, she hit me with the news that Melvin Barcliff had died.

Cue the speed-cries and a slightly late call for the late-great Magoo of Timberland Magoo, gone at just 50 years old.

We laughed through our tears about the tweet mocking Gen X’s high-income jobs. I shared my freelance writing struggles, and how I typically make less than half of what I did at 30.

But somehow, the younger generations seem to be upset because they think we have it all together.

Boomers vs Xers as Society’s Punching Bag

Turns out, the world thinks Gen X is replacing Baby Boomers as the punching bag. My theory: younger generations will struggle to insult us because we already hate ourselves.

Ingrid rejected my theories and dropped some truth bombs. He argued it’s not self-hatred but more like humility or even low self-esteem.

I bounced back to my friend David, who embraced the idea that Gen X doesn’t really hate itself. But Damone insisted he genuinely hates himself.

Hate Gen X? Well, stand in line?
Hate Gen X? Well, stand in line?

Gen X’s Impact on Society

I reached out to Desirae, 54, to understand how this Gen X hate played out in her world. According to her, younger people think Gen X did nothing big in society. But we were out there protesting and pushing against police brutality and financial inequalities.

Especially for people from areas like Los Angeles Metro, where we gave it our all during the riots ensuring that our voices were heard across the globe.

Maybe We Are What They Say We Are

At the end of the day, maybe we are mean. Maybe that Latchkey lifestyle made us a no nonsense group once we reached the top of the hill.

Or maybe we are bitter and pissed off that we’re stuck taking care of our aging Boomer parents, while trying everything in our power to get our adults kids to move outFor good!

Either way, it’s our prerogative. And at this point, why do they expect us to care?

Because if nothing else, there’s one thing we can all agree on, if they keep picking at us, there will be no turning back at some point. They will have no choice but to F**k Around And Find Out!!!

The Gen X Retirement Reality Check

Retirement is lurking in the dark. We seriously don’t have time to care about too much of anything other than securing our finances before it’s too late.

Ijs… It’s time for a reality check!

Gen X: Why isn't your business booming yet?
Gen X: Why isn’t your business booming yet?

Gen X Entrepreneurs Stand Up!

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