SEO 2016: Introducing SEO with a Colorful Twist

We are pleased to announce that “we” are now the New Face of SEO. Remember the days when all SEO experts seemed to be men from India, Indonesia and other far away lands? This left us with low-quality content that read as if the writer had no concept of good […]

What are the Benefits of Pinterest for Business?

Pinterest is the latest social network to become popular on the web. But, it is unlike that of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Pinterest can be a gold mine for online and businesses that want more visual exposure for their products and services on the web. Pinterest for […]

Social Media News Streams: How Do They Work?

I love social networking, and the social media news streams that comes with it. I have a lot of family and friends all over the world. While it would be wonderful to be able to keep close contact over the phone, or in person, with each of them, it just […]

A Guide To Using Social Media For Business

Using social media for business is the new shiny thing in the world of marketing. And, there’s no shortage of social media marketing experts ready to tell you how it will transform your business. The only thing is, very few businesses are using social networking effectively. Therefore, few are getting […]

Why Every Company Needs YouTube for Business Marketing

YouTube for Business Marketing is one of the best examples of the many tools online that can help to promote a company.  When it is utilized properly, there are many benefits to a business such as an increase in sales and generating a larger customer or client base.  So if […]

Pinterest Strategy For Business – Pin Your Way to Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day 2014 is just 10 days away, and hopefully you’re prepared with your social media marketing strategy. If your business represents a fashion, cosmetic or lifestyle brand, you must use Valentine’s Day fever as an opportunity to showcase and sell your products. Pinterest social media marketing is the best […]