Pinterest is the latest social network to become popular on the web. But, it is unlike that of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Pinterest can be a gold mine for online and businesses that want more visual exposure for their products and services on the web. Pinterest for Business is an online social media marketing strategy that you should not ignore.

What is Pinterest for Business?

Pinterest for Business is an online network that boasts a pin-board type platform where you can share images. These visuals enable users to manage and create “boards of pictures” that have a common theme and/or interest.

Like Instagram, Pinterest is a social media site based solely on the sharing and networking of imagery. Think of social media with visuals all over the place, without all the wordy sales pitches.

Benefits of Pinterest for Business

Pinterest for Business
When to Post on Pinterest for Business. Image Source: flckr

Pinterest as one of the leading social networks of the millennium that is rapidly gaining steam in popularity. It is and has demonstrated that it is one of the fastest expanding social platforms on the web yet.

So the outlook of your business gaining exposure from Pinterest for business is optimal. Here are some of the benefits of Pinterest for Business:

Inspiration, Ideas and Motivation for Start-up Businesses

If you are aspiring to start a business or an online company website, joining Pinterest will help you gain inspiration, ideas and motivation. The more people you choose to follow, the more boards and pins you’ll have access to for inspiring ideas to motivate you.

Pinterest for Business gives you the ability to look at other the Pinterest boards of consumers, other businesses, and of course your competitors. From there, you can gather some great ideas on how to make your business as successful as possible online.

By taking advantage of the latest marketing trends, services, and products on Pinterest, you ensure that your small business has the visual appeal and marketing needed to drive more traffic to your site, brand and solutions.

Comparison and Analysis to Improve Your Business

Pinterest for Business can be a great resource to help you analyze, evaluate and seek comparison scenarios of companies that are in a similar, if not the same, industry niche as yours. You can use this tactic to:

  • Gain an edge on the competition
  • See what works and what doesn’t visually
  • Predict where the market you are in is heading
  • Understand what visually catches the attention of your target market

Cheap and Fun Marketing Technique

You would be wise to utilize Pinterest for Business as a cheap and fun technique to market your company, brand, website and blog. As you get more familiar with the way that Pinterest works, you will realize it is quite the grapevine. Something as simple as a picture of your product, can go viral in a matter of minutes.

With Pinterest, it’s even possible to network with others while getting the word out about your products and services without having thousands of followers. This social network allows anyone following you to “repin” your pin, exposing it to those within their networks as well.

Want to maximize the amount of exposure your company’s service and product images get online? Pinterest for Business is the way to go. It’s not time-consuming at all. Before you know it, your boards will be followed, shared and repined online. And, the coolest part is that you can link your visuals to your online catalog, blog posts, social media profiles and anywhere else on the Web to drive traffic to your services, products and brand online.

Take Advantage of Pinterest for Business

Pinterest is growing more and more popular each and every day. In 2013, consumer insight company Semiocast reported Pinterest social pin-board network as having over 70 million users. At the time, 70% of those users were right here in the US.

Not only that, but this social media empire was valued at over $4 billion as of January 2014. Are you are a business looking to connect with potential customers and increase your revenue? Then, Pinterest for Business is one of the most valuable tools available on the net for marketing your small business and your online visuals.


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