With the popularity of email and social media, it’s easy for your online video to show up in front of millions of people within seconds. For most people, this is the ultimate goal: to have a video go viral. That requires viral video marketing.

So, how do you make yours go viral? You need to employ effective video marketing techniques.

However, just because a video goes viral doesn’t mean that your online business will benefit. Sure, you’ll end up getting more traffic to your site. But, if you’re not converting these leads into something more, your viral video did nothing to help your success.

Viral Video Marketing Techniques: Make Your Viral Video Count
Viral Video Marketing Techniques: Make Your Viral Video Count. Image Source: Proceed Innovative

4 Viral Video Marketing Techniques for Online Success

If you want to make your viral video count, the following are four viral video marketing techniques you need to implement:

1. Create a quality video

The amount of time a visitor spends on your website is important to your overall website success. The last thing you want is to have a high bounce rate, which means how quickly a person leaves your site when they land on your page.

On average, an individual typically leaves a website after three seconds if they don’t find exactly what they want. This is a high bounce rate.

Adding videos to your website is a great way to decrease your website’s bounce rate, but in order to do so, you need to create quality videos with a decent length. If the quality of your video is poor, your audience will not watch it.

If your video is too short, you won’t captivate your audience long enough to decrease your bounce rate. If your video is too long, you’ll have visitors leaving before they get through the first few minutes.

The safest length for an online video is between two and three minutes. This keeps your audience on your site long enough to decrease your bounce rate and is the perfect amount of time to captivate their attention without them becoming antsy.

2. Add a call to action

Your video may be informative, funny, witty, engaging, sad or whatever you want it to be, and you may have attracted millions of viewers because of it. However, having these millions of people visit your website will not truly help your online business unless you get them to take some type of action.

Tips for Writing an Effective Call to Action for Your Blog Post

At the end of your video, make sure you place a call to action to get your audience to do something other than close out of the browser. Maybe you want them to check out other videos you made.

Maybe you want them to sign up for your email newsletter. Maybe you want them to make a purchase. Whatever it may be, place that call to action on the video and make it easy for your audience to do.

If your video is highlighting a product and your call to action tells your audience to buy the product, let them get to the online shopping cart with one click of a mouse. This way, your online viral video will make an actual impact on your business by increasing sales.

3. Add your branding to the video

You want your audience to correlate your video with your brand. But, if your branding cannot be found on the video, they won’t do this. Thus, they’ll have no idea who created the video, and your online business will suffer.

Make sure you embed the videos directly on your website so that your audience can see the URL, company name and company logo. If possible, add some branding flair, such as your logo or company colors, to the video as well. This will force the audience to see your branding, and it will put your company name in the back of their mind.

If you are using YouTube for your videos, make sure to customize your YouTube channel so that it corresponds with your branding.


4. Add transcriptions to your video

Your online presence relies heavily on search engine optimization, but videos do absolutely nothing for your SEO. That is, unless you provide transcriptions.

Search engines cannot crawl through video content, which means that the content used in your video does not help your website get ranked on the search engines. However, if you were to utilize an online video transcription service and provide a verbatim transcription of the video on your site, it will give the search engines content to crawl through and use to rank your site.

Because of this, your website will provide more keywords to the search engines, which they’ll in turn use to better rank your site. If you earn a higher search engine ranking, your website will be found by more people online, thus increasing the success of your business.

Author Bio: Lizzie Lau is a freelance writer who combines personal opinions and research to create appealing and informative articles on various topics.

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