Getting your law firm’s name out there and showing potential clients that your firm is the best in the field that you operate in is crucial for the success of your practice. Doing this is easier said than done though. Most lawyers that start a law firm don’t have an extensive background in marketing, nor do they have the budget to hire a marketing consultant or agency to handle all of the firm’s marketing activities.

4 Effective Tips for Your Law Firm Marketing Campaign

By being smart about your marketing however, you can improve your firm’s visibility in the market without having to spend tons of money or staying up all night every night slaving away at your marketing plan.

Here are 4 tips that your firm should employ to improve your marketing.

4 Tips For More Effective Law Firm Marketing

1) Create/Update Your Law Firm Marketing Plan

If you’ve started your business without a proper marketing plan, you need to create one as soon as possible. You don’t need a 100-page document describing exactly how your firm will handle every small aspect of marketing, but you do need to have some measurable and realistic objectives for your business.

Think about what you want to achieve with your firm in the coming year, as well as for the longer term. From your overall objectives you can start to create a monthly planning for what needs to be done in order to get closer to your objectives, which will then form the basis for your weekly marketing todos.

2) Provide a Great Service

Providing a great service will be the foundation of any law firm marketing plan. Only by delivering great value to your clients will you be able to grow your firm. Happy clients will return to your firm when they need more legal help and will recommend your services.

Hiring great employees, and making sure that they are happy in their jobs will help your firm create happy clients and more business.

3) Develop a Great Reputation

Your firm’s reputation can make or break your business. If you are well known for being the best in your field and always providing more value than anyone else, clients will flock to your firm. You can improve your reputation by proactively trying to help everyone in your network succeed, including your clients, colleagues, referral sources, business partners, etc.

This doesn’t just mean trying to find services you can provide to help them succeed, but also connecting them with other people in your network if you believe this could be beneficial for both parties.

Another way of improving your reputation is by writing articles for your website and also pitch them to other publications. If some of your articles get picked up by a major news source, your firm will get a lot of great exposure.

4) Network, Network, Network

Try to spend some time networking every week. You can do this by attending networking events such as local small business events, trade association meetings, but also just by having a lunch with a good client or a drink with a business partner.

You can also use online social networks for networking such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and even Facebook.

Author Bio: Zane Schwarzlose is a writer at Colley & Colley, LLP, a personal injury law firm in Austin, Texas. Zane thinks that reputation management is crucial to law firm marketing.


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