How do you transition to Office 365 without causing major issues with security and data? And, once you do, how can you get the most out of this Microsoft Suite?

We have the answers here… 

Benefits of Clouds for Businesses

There are enormous benefits for companies running activities through clouds. As a business owner, this gives you access to all your personal settings, data and digital folders from any device anywhere in the world.

Not having such access can lead to security issues as data is shared between users.

Office 365 comes with the same applications your used to in the suite, such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint. The difference with this version is that it’s:

  • Cloud-based – Your data is accessible from anywhere because it’s stored in the cloud
  • Web-based – Comes with a local install, but can also be accessed online
  • Subscription-based – Pay monthly for access instead of buying software packages
Learn how to use Office 365 in 2019.
Learn how to use Office 365 in 2019. Image Source: Strategics AAS

How to Migrate to Office 365 Quickly & Safely

Just like with any type of migration, things can go wrong. That’s why many business owners turn to other applications to make the transition smoothly.

SharePoint Migration Tool is a free, intuitive, simple way to migrate content from other cloud platforms onto Office 365, such as OneDrive, File Share and, of course, SharePoint Online.

Simply download the SharePoint Migration Tool, which is free, and enter your login credentials for the platform you want to access. Then, select the source files and destination sites for your migration. Now, click “Migrate” and your integration begins!

But, before you begin your migration, you need to create an approach that incorporates not just the technology, but the processes and people involved in your organization.

Train the People Behind the Brand

User-education is key when switching the way you store data. Before migrating, make sure your internal staff is trained on how to use Office 365. Remember, these are the people accessing and sharing your data.

So, it’s important that they understand the basic aspects of the suite for efficiency purposes.

This is also important for security reasons. You need to train your end-users on security awareness, so they don’t invite risks that jeopardize your digital assets.

Check out: 19 Alarming Cybercrime Statistics for 2019 to learn more. 

Video: Office 365 Business Tutorial | Training | Outlook | OneDrive | SharePoint | Skype

Learn the latest tips, training and productivity hacks for Office 365 for Business in this YouTube webinar:

Understand the Processes Before the Migration

The latest version of Office 365 is a bit different when it comes to processes, collaborative workflows and how data is stored. You need to grasp an understanding of what needs to be done to protect these processes to keep your data safe.

Use a platform such as OneDrive to put strong data protection controls in place. That way, you can limit file sharing, so data can only be shared with other staff. Yet, you can still allow external sharing on other platforms such as Dropbox.

Protecting your data from breach or loss is crucial to your brand. Migrating to Office 365 can be a great security advantage for your company. Will you take your business data security one step further by migrating to the cloud?

Let us know your thoughts on this in the comments below.


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