The Basics of How to Establish Corporate...

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Establishing business credit, also known as corporate credit, can be a daunting task for B2B companies. But, if you plan to grow your business, it’s something that simply must be done early in the game. In order get approved for high limit business lines of credit, business real estate mortgages, even business loans, you’ll need established credit. That means you’ll have to start to establish corporate credit now, so you won’t have set-backs later when you need it. Corporate Credit Basics One of the major business credit mistakes owners often make is not keeping personal credit separate from corporate credit. This is a definite no-no. The two should never be mixed, intertwined or merged in any way. The three main factors that affect business credit include: Time your business has been operating Size of the assets owned by your business Payment history records of various creditors Learn the basic of how to establish corporate credit from Ghetto Search Dot Com Image Source: Columbia REIA Each of these components is very important as you establish corporate credit for your B2B company. Once business credit is established, it’s important to make smart decisions when using lines of credit, credit cards, etc… to […]

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4 Reasons Why Good B2B Customer Service...

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Every company wants repeat business from its clients. That means providing excellent customer service your clients can rely on each and every time. But, B2B customer experiences aren’t quite like those of B2C companies. That means tailoring your B2B customer service approaches to meet the needs of your types of clients. How to Provide Excellent B2B Customer Service Here are four tools to help you provide the quality of customer service your B2B expect from vendors: 1. Each Individual B2B Customer is Vital to Survival With B2Bs, each individual transaction could add up to hundreds, even thousands of dollars. Therefore, losing just one loyal customer could be detrimental to the B2B company’s survival. And, the only way to create customer loyalty is to create and nurture happy clients, providing high quality B2B customer service. B2B Customer Service is much more critical for the companies survival than that of B2C businesses. Image Source: Pay Anywhere 2. B2B Companies Love Verifiable Data When it comes to winning over B2B clients, actionable data rules. They want to see data related to trends, sales, traffic, etc… In other words, the more numbers you can provide, the better. 3. B2Bs Compete for Service Quality B2B […]

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10 Useful B2B Social Media Tools for...

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Countless B2B companies need to know just how much social media drives real growth. When used properly, social media marketing tools can give your company a helpful boost. Once they are on social media, many B2B companies are skeptical. They are unsure what their next step is supposed to be in the social media marketing world. Many don’t believe their outbound marketing efforts will work. But, like everything else, social media marketing is more effective when you use appropriate B2B social media tools. 10 Social Media Tools B2B Companies Will Be Using in 2015 Here are some of the best B2B social media tools that help you get the most out of social media. 1. is an enterprise cloud computing company. They have developed its web based CRM product – Service Cloud 2. Their Service Cloud 2 platform helps them integrate social media with the ecosystem. What is the best Salesforce application for B2B marketers? It is Salesforce for Twitter. Salesforce for Twitter lets you bring in and control Twitter feeds and accounts within the CRM. Salesforce is one of the best B2B social media tools. 2. HootSuite HootSuite is a great B2B social media tool, for managing multiple Twitter accounts and multiple […]

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7 Steps to Choosing the Right CRM...

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It’s not always easy to choosing the right customer relationship management (CRM) software. But, it’s an important part of gaining an edge over the competition. CRM helps with this by effectively managing relationships with customers before the sale, during the sale and after the sale is final. What is Customer Relationship Management (CRM)? Plainly put, CRM is a system that makes it easier for businesses to manage relationships with their customers (and prospects). It also helps companies manage all of the information and data associated with these customer relationships. CRM allows you to store contact info, leads, accounts and opportunities to convert and makes sales in one central location. This makes it possible for the entire organization to access the data in real-time, as needed. That’s why it’s ideal for your CRM to be cloud-based, so it’s accessible anywhere in the world. How to Choose the Best CRMS Software in 7 Easy Steps This article is written with B2B companies in mind. However, these seven steps to choosing the best CRM software are beneficial to any entrepreneur or small business: CRM software helps the customer journey flow smoothly. Image from Page by Dion Hinchcliffe on 1) Select a Trusted […]

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B2B Content Marketing Actually Begins Offline

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Do you research your B2B content marketing topics online? Well, that works, as long as you don’t make it your exclusive source for content research. This will only lead you to publishing unoriginal content. Your B2B content marketing goal should be to create authentic, original content that engages your audience. So, how do you do this using more than just online research? Recognize and utilize the offline resources that lead to creating valuable content. 5 Offline Sources for B2B Content Marketing Here are five offline sources to help you develop valuable B2B online content marketing strategies: 1) Events Featuring Your Brand Image Source: Original content can easily be created by talking about activities and events your brand attends. All you have to do to turn this into original content, is write about it. Events help you get endorsements from others within your industry. They’re also valuable resources for showcasing your brand’s personality, as well as promoting it. So, the next time your company gets an industry recognition, hosts a picnic or sponsors a local event, write about it. 2) Experts as B2B Content Marketing Sources Does your company have opinionated experts or thought leaders who are passionate about your […]

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6 B2B Passive Income Ideas

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What is passive income? It’s money you get whether you’re actively working or not. For B2Bs of today, this typically includes revenue from automated business systems, investment income and royalties. Passive income is essentially money you can earn even when you’re asleep. This post focuses on six different ways B2B companies can earn passive income. 6 Smart and Lucrative B2B Passive Income Ideas Back in the days, the most common type of B2B passive income was renting office space to a company. Your company owns the building. You rent it out to another company. Then, you sit back as the money from their rent comes in each month. Here are six passive income sources for B2B companies: 1. Affiliate Marketing Know of a service or product that really brings value to your B2B company? Well, with affiliate marketing, you can earn a percentage or flat-rate commission for referring others to the solution directly from your business website or blog. Benefits of Affiliate Marketing as a Passive Income: This is done using a specialized URL which helps the company track your referrals to their solutions on their site. You place the affiliate URL on your site, and wait for the commissions […]

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4 Lucrative Benefits of Online Directory Listings...

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Almost all purchases in these days begin with online searches. That means that your business needs to have an online presence in order to remain relevant in your market. Online directories are affordable, sometimes even free, methods of advertising online. Here are four more lucrative benefits of listing your company on an online directory listings site: 1) Get Found Easily Building your brand online is the best way to get the word out about your solutions (products and/or services). The more consumers see your brand, the more awareness is created. Oftentimes, consumers will visit online business directory sites looking for specific solutions to solve specific problems. These sites make it simple to find businesses by searching through various categories. If your company’s not listed, they won’t find it during a search on the site. 2) Target Your Marketing Efforts Most consumers who visit online directory listings sites already have a clear goal. They know exactly what they’re searching for online. That means that in most cases, they’re already prepared to make an online purchase. They just need to find the right company to buy from online. One of the lucrative benefits of online directory listings is that you’re targeting your […]

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What Do Customers Expect to Find on...

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When you ask businesses what they want from their B2B Vendors websites, the answer is almost always the same: more leads to increase sales. But, according to the 2014 B2B Web Usability Report, when it comes to simplifying the buying process, most vendors create their own stumbling blocks. This KoMarketing Associates survey report features 32 pages of content, complete with 17 data charts, seven research findings and 20 important takeaways on “how to improve your vendor website.” It addresses the key role played by vendor websites during the B2B buying process, such as: The three most crucial bits of information typical buyers need before they’ll move forward and buy from you.AAAAAA The marketing collateral missing from most vendor websites, and why this missing content is deterring your target marketing from doing business with you. The truths about how good blogging and the lack of activity on social media actually effect the buying process. The things that really annoy buyers and make them leave your website altogether. Contact Information is #1 “Must Have” on B2B Vendors Websites According to the MarketingProfs post, What B2B Buyers Want From Vendor Websites, customers expect to find your business contact information in an easily accessible […]

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What is Crowdfunding?

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Crowdfunding is a way of raising capital through contributions from others. It’s generally used by entrepreneurs, small business owners, artists, developers, and anyone else in need of funding in order to complete a specific project. Benefits of Crowdfunding The term crowdfunding comes from the use of small amounts of funds from a crowd of individuals to finance a venture. Individuals forming the “crowd” can come from a number of sources. Project managers make use of family, friends, colleagues, social media sites, personal and business websites and blogs, press releases, even email marketing to spread the word about their crowdfunding ventures. All of this is done in hopes of attracting new investors. Crowdfunding allows entrepreneurs and small business owners to expand their investment pools. This gives them the ability to raise funds using sources beyond traditional means such as venture capitalists, lender financing, family and friends. Reasons to Raise Capital with Crowdfunding In short, crowdfunding empowers small businesses and entrepreneurs to raise money for ventures. Here are just some of the reasons individuals become crowdfunders: Raise capital to start a new business. Raise funds to launch a new product. Raise money for an art, movie or music project. Get donations for […]

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What’s the Difference Between a Website and...

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Do you know the difference between a website and a blog? What purposes do each one generally serve? How do search engines place value on one verses the other? What is a website? A website is a group of webpages that are dedicated to the marketing of a particular brand, industry, niche, or set of products or services. Generally, the content on a website stays the same, which is called “static content.” The purpose of a website is to serve as a brand’s noticeboard. A website contains static webpages that are generally only changed for SEO purposes. The gist of the content remains the same, like the home page of Content Marketing Geek. Relevant content is written for each individual webpage of a website, based on the purpose of the webpage itself. And, that content pretty much stays the same. There are two basic exceptions to this rule: On-page SEO – There are times when website owners will change the wording of the content to re-optimize SEO. This is usually done to add better keywords, upgrade content quality, add SEO information to images, videos, etc… But, in general, the meaning behind the content remains the same. And, changes aren’t made […]

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