When a site visitor starts reading an article, there are certain expectations that must be met. Oftentimes, these expectations are created by the title (headline) and what was said within the first paragraph. If the content doesn’t met those expectations, it becomes a failure in the eyes of readers. So, how do you write content that not only meets the expectations of your readers, but actually shatters them?

You Too Can Write Content That Shatters Reader Expectations... on Any Topic

You Too Can Write Content That Shatters Reader Expectations… on Any Topic
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Many savvy bloggers, including those at HubSpot, believe that the key is delivering pieces that inform and educate readers beyond what they were expecting. This improves the chances that they will:

  • Read the entire piece
  • Share the informative content with others
  • Return to your website or blog for more valuable information

5 Questions to Ask to Ensure You Write Content That Shatters Expectations

Not sure whether or not your content is meeting (and surpassing) the expectations of your readers? Here are five questions to ask yourself before you hit “publish” to ensure that you write content that shatters reader expectations:

  1. Am I just reiterating what I’ve read on other sites, or am I adding new twists to the subject?
  2. Is the content I’m publishing actually better than that published on the same subject by my competition?
  3. Will my visitors walk away with something they can actually use to make their lives better?
  4. Did  I provide accurate data to back up any claims, and source them properly if they came from elsewhere?
  5. Will my readers be left with numerous questions after reading this content?

After answering these questions, fix and tweak your content accordingly. If you promised to answer a question or solve a problem in the beginning of the piece, make sure you kept that promise. And, that’s how you write content that shatters reader expectations.

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