Over 200 million emails get sent out each and every minute, according to a HubSpot report? Plus, every minute of every day, 2.5 million content pieces get shared on Facebook, 220,000 pics go up on Instagram and 72 hours’ worth of videos get uploaded onto YouTube. With that much content going up every single minute of the day, shouldn’t you transform your content from good to outstanding to make sure it gets noticed?

8 Tricks to Transform Your Content into Outstanding Works

So, what should you do? How do you go about transforming good content into outstanding content? Aaron Agius of HubSpot gives us his take:

“When I’m creating content, I use a checklist of 10 key signals to help me decide whether I’ve created something that is great … or merely good. Only after I’ve addressed every single point on this checklist am I confident that the content I’ve created is the absolute best possible and fit for release.”

Don't just rewrite it... TRANSFORM your content.

Don’t just rewrite it… TRANSFORM your content.

1. Only Publish Original

Very few new ideas come to the Internet. So, chances are, whatever content you’re writing, more than likely, it’s not a 100% original idea. Therefore, in order to transform your content into something outstanding, it needs to have a unique spin to it. Don’t just spin someone else’s article. Add other info to it… quotes, sources, etc…

2. Make Content Easy to Find

How do you transform your content into something your potential clients consistently bumps into online? That requires the use of GOOD OLE’ SEO.

Don’t know SEO? Just think about various terms and phrases you’d use to search for what you’re writing online. Then, simply insert those terms and phrases (SEO KEYWORDS) into your content. If nothing else, at least optimize your title and URL?

3. Target Your Content

Not every single person on the planet is going to want your service or product… or visit the site you’re marketing for that matter. So, you must understand exactly who you should be targeting with your content (YOUR TARGET MARKET). Then, be sure to create content that’s been specifically created just for them.

There’s no point in publishing content that brings in an audience that will never buy what you’re selling. You need to transform your content into something that actually brings value to the lives of your target readers.

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    Kiesha Joseph, aka The SEO Goddess, is a content marketing maestro based in the heart of Hemet, California. With a passion for helping new and established brands discover their ideal target markets through psychographics, Kiesha combines the power of SEO-friendly content with a personal touch.

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