Welcome to the second part of this 2-part series. It’s well worth the effort to invest quality time into building valuable connections with some of your industry’s power bloggers. These high quality bloggers will quickly become advocates for your brand, who will be open to assisting you over and over again. All you need are some effective tools to connect with influential bloggers quickly and simply.

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7 Effective Tools to Connect with Power Bloggers

Use these tools to connect with power bloggers like Leticia Barr founder of Tech Savvy Mama.

Use these tools to connect with power bloggers like Leticia Barr founder of Tech Savvy Mama.
Image Source: Tech Savvy Mama

Here are #5-#7 of our list of tools to connect you with influential bloggers to increase your blog’s chances of success:

5. Tomoson

Tomoson is one of the tools to connect with high quality industry bloggers with flexibility. It allows you to create projects, then invite those power bloggers (and others) to share, retweet, comment on and spread the word about online. You set the minimum requirements when filtering out influencers.

6. MyBlogU

MyBlogU is an action-driven platform and community created to connect with influential bloggers. It serves two basic goals:

  • Helps you connect with power bloggers by giving them free help
  • Helps you get featured on other power bloggers’ blogs through your own professional quotes

7. TwChat

TwChat, which stands for Twitter Chats, helps you build real connections with the influencers in your industry. With this online tool, you can quickly zoom in on Twitter Chats related to your industry and/or niche and participate in as many as you like.

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