In the whirlwind of entrepreneurship, Gen Xers are on a quest for streamlined ways to elevate their online presence. Our busy lives insist on it!

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Welcome to DIY Content Marketing – a game-changer tailored for those who crave simplicity and results. This blog post unveils practical content marketing strategies designed with Gen X entrepreneurs in mind.

These approaches ensure effectiveness without draining your time or resources. Let’s plunge into a realm of accessible and impactful content marketing perfectly aligned with the entrepreneurial spirit of Generation X.

3 DIY Content Marketing Strategies for Gen X Brands Building Online Communities

As a Gen Xer, your time is valuable. Don’t waste it on marketing tactics built for the younger crowds. Use these three tactics to help you build engaging audiences that trust you enough to spend with your brand:

1. Leverage Micro-Content on Social Media

Recognize the power of bite-sized content. Create engaging micro-content such as short videos, infographics or carousel posts that convey your message swiftly.

Platforms like Instagram and TikTok provide ideal spaces for quick, visually appealing content that resonates with your audience.

2. Start a Branded Podcast or Video Series

Embrace the popularity of audio and video content by launching a branded podcast or video series. These mediums allow you to share your expertise, interview industry leaders and connect with your audience authentically.

With readily available tools, you can produce professional-quality content without a significant investment.

3. Repurpose and Refresh Existing Content

Make the most of your existing content by repurposing and refreshing it. Transform blog posts into engaging visuals, turn webinars into downloadable guides or extract key insights for social media posts.

This strategy maximizes the value of your content library, reaching new audiences without starting from scratch.

Gen X: Why isn't your business booming yet?
Gen X: Why isn’t your business booming yet?

Gen X: Discover Your Prime Target Market

It’s almost impossible to create content that targets your prime target audience when you don’t know who those people are and what makes them tick. Our target market course breaks it all down, and provides you with a comprehensive report that lays it all out for you.

Your target audience report helps you understand exactly how your solutions help with their pain points, how to convey messages to them and the basic SEO keywords you should be using in your branded content.

Discover what knowing your prime market could do for your Generation X business. Click the button below to learn more about our course and personalized target market report today!


  • Kiesha Joseph

    Kiesha Joseph, aka The SEO Goddess, is a content marketing maestro based in the heart of Hemet, California. With a passion for helping new and established brands discover their ideal target markets through psychographics, Kiesha combines the power of SEO-friendly content with a personal touch.

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