Attention Gen X Entrepreneurs! If you’ve been in business for some years now, and your business is not where you think it should be, there’s one simple answer. You’re targeting the wrong people. Period.

And we don’t have time for that. The clock is ticking. How much longer can we work these j.o.b.s?

We HAVE TO succeed because we will NOT survive on pensions and government checks alone. We just weren’t built that way. 

Bringing Gen X Business Dreams Back to Life

So, what’s the answer? I’ll show you the way to increase traffic to your website… but not just any traffic… qualified leads AKA people already searching online for what you sell… using 7 habits highly effective people… like you… use every day.

By tapping into these habits, you’ll discover the authenticity already within you… and transform it into a TARGET MARKETING brand that stands on success.

At the end of the course, you’ll receive a Target Market Report PERSONALIZED for YOUR brand based on your engagement with the course. You can’t lose!

Unlock the Power of CMG’s DIY Marketing Courses & Mentoring Services

What you gain with our courses and mentoring packages:

  • Boost Your Online Presence: Get more people to see your content and notice your brand
  • Attract and Keep Leads: Learn how to attract interested leads and improve your chances of turning them into customers
  • Increase Online Connections: Connect better with your audience on various digital platforms
  • Up Your Social Media Game: Learn effective ways to use social media to make your brand more visible and influential
  • Stand Out in Your Niche: Establish yourself as an expert and trustworthy leader in your specific market
  • Secure Your Financial Future: Plan and build a business that ensures financial security for your retirement

Baby Boomers vs Generation X in Business

You CANNOT do it the way the Baby Boomers taught us. And we CANNOT disregard their lessons either.

Take it from a Gen Xer who’s written content for the likes of Booking, Expedia, and LinkedIn (not profiles… the actual BRANDS), I know how the big dawgs zero in on the RIGHT target markets using the dirty little secrets your biggest competitor doesn’t want you to know!

Complimentary Personalized Target Market Report

This step-by-step 1-hour comprehensive course will guide you through the process of discovering exactly who you serve best as a solution (product or service) provider, based on authenticity and creativity and synergy.

Then, your PERSONALIZED Target Market Report will break down exactly what you need to do with this information. This is the most cost-effective SEO report you’ll find on the market.

And I’ll show you why!

The Dirty Little Secrets About YOUR Target Market

This course was designed with established businesses in mind. If your business is more than five years old, yet it’s still not where you think it should be, you’re talking to the wrong people online. Plain and simple.

I’m not here to do the work for you. Instead, I help you figure out the best people to connect with online, to improve your digital marketing efforts.

The course comes with:

  • Step-by-Step Guidance – Learn precisely how to create engaging content for webpages, blogs, and more, designed to attract the people most likely to buy from you
  • Free Audio Access – Enjoy an interactive version with short videos and a non-interactive version for learning on the go, perfect for driving or multitasking
  • Comprehensive DIY Marketing Kit – Whether you have content writing, SEO, or marketing skills, the report is your all-in-one tool to kickstart your journey
  • Personalized Report – Upon completing the course, submit a questionnaire to receive a report outlining your best target audience and how to connect with them
  • Full SEO Insights – Your report includes SEO data tailored to your brand, aiding you in ranking for the best keywords based on authenticity
  • Multiple Report Generation – Utilize free access to the report generator multiple times, allowing flexibility for mindset changes or marketing multiple brands
  • Psychographics vs. Demographics – Learn how to leverage your authentic self to attract and connect with the right people

Course Testimonials

“Elevate your brand!

I recently completed this course, and it markedly enriched my comprehension of my target market. It provided invaluable insights into tailoring my offerings, identifying the ideal audience, and meeting their specific demands. The course proved instrumental in guiding me on how to redefine my brand as a self-publisher. I even revamped my logo and slogan based on the newfound clarity. The highlight, however, was the comprehensive report I received at the course’s conclusion – a delightful bonus to an already exceptional learning experience. I wholeheartedly recommend it for anyone seeking strategic market insights and brand refinement.”

Mahar k

“It’s not a secret anymore!

This course was very informative. It was very easy to navigate, answer questions and go from lesson to lesson. I will use this information in my daily life from now on…”

Damon DMG. G

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