Or, Is It an Audience Problem?

There has been a misunderstanding on the subject of dying content marketing strategy campaigns. On Wednesday, Kiesha Joseph posted an article on Examiner.com entitled, “It’s an audience problem, not your content marketing strategy.”

content marketing strategy time distributionIt was an answer to the question: “Why are our content marketing strategy efforts getting lost in the shuffle?”, and “Why don’t we see any results?” You have your website. You publish quality content. And, you publish every day…… no results, no readers. Something is not working.

While many small businesses think something is wrong with their content, Kiesha gave her opinion that is above this delusion, saying:

“In most cases, these trusted sites already have developed healthy audiences. Most entrepreneurs and small businesses who think their content is ineffective don’t have loyal audiences of their own. And, there lies the issue. You have an audience problem.”

Ms. Joseph is simply saying that you don’t need to spend more money to make your content more effective. The problem is not in your content’s quality or how often your articles are published. Your issues are actually an audience problem.

Are you lost in the Content Crowd?

Each day, people are searching for solutions to their problems. The amount of content that is published grows at such a fast pace. This makes it an impossible battle that the search engines cannot keep up with these days.

This is the reason why we cannot hear many entrepreneurs and small business online. Their content gets lost in the downpour, even if it’s published every day.

Content Marketing Strategy Campaign Problem

Once again, your content marketing strategy is simply not the problem. Instead, you have an audience problem.

4618683399_6ed3d04aac_zMany readers make it a habit to visit their “trusted sites” to search for solutions to their problems. Then, they pick and choose which content is relevant to their current problems, and their lives in general.

These sites have already developed and gained healthy audiences over time. Most entrepreneurs and small businesses have issues because they think their content isn’t good enough haven’t gained their own loyal audiences. This failure to gain loyal followers is what leads them to believe that their content isn’t doing it’s job.

Now that you know what the actual problem is, you must take steps and solve it. Some of these steps may include getting your content featured by:

  • Trusted sites
  • Native advertising
  • Advertiser tutorials
  • Earned media channels
  • Paid media channels, etc…

Better Content or Better Distribution?

In order to get better results, you have to put your focus in a right places. You produce content every day and yet… no results. Now, it’s time to focus on improving your content distribution. Better content distribution will bring you:

  • Improved quality of your overall online content
  • High feedback cycle related to your brand
  • Relevant backlinks to your site

Instead of spending money on buying new content, you need to invest in paid media channels and earned media channels.

Paid Media Channels VS Earned Media Channels

What’s the difference?

Like Todd Wasserman of Mashable once said:

“If you pay to have something distributed, then it’s paid media. But if someone else distributes it for you, then it’s earned media.”

It’s time to break away from all the online noise so that your brand can rise and shine above your competition. Start putting your online marketing efforts towards earned media and paid media channels to help you accomplish this. This will greatly improve your content marketing strategy efforts, making your brand more relevant to your target audience.


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