The Evolution of the Homeless Entrepreneur: It Happens to the Best of Us

What happens when entrepreneurs and small business owners lose their websites, or decide not to have one? How does no longer having your own site negatively affect your brand, when you’re still active on social media and booming on Yelp? Well, in essence, you’re a homeless entrepreneur, thriving off of […]

3 Lessons Pokemon Go Can Teach You About Content Marketing

Nintendo has taken the world by storm with its Pokemon Go reality app launch. The app’s success has led to over 15 million downloads, increasing Nintendo’s market value by almost a whopping 60 percent in one, little measly week. This has also reignited a fire under the buns of ole’ […]

Defining Your Brand: The 1st Step of Any Online Marketing Strategy

In developing your business, your most important first step is defining your business. You want to build an outstanding brand experience that will gain customer loyalty. This means having the same principle highlights of big brand marketing. Having this mindset will enable your small business to reproduce the same kind […]