Homeless Entrepreneur: It Happens to the Best...

Kiesha Joseph

Do you know the definition of a homeless entrepreneur? It’s a business-minded, go-getter whose brand has no online presence to call it’s own. Your website is like owning real estate… What happens

3 Lessons Pokemon Go Can Teach You...

Kiesha Joseph

Nintendo has taken the world by storm with its Pokemon Go reality app launch. The app’s success has led to over 15 million downloads, increasing Nintendo’s market value by almost a whopping

Content Marketing Tips from Your Receptionist… Bringing...

Kiesha Joseph

You didn’t know your receptionist did that, did you? Well, a receptionist can be a surprisingly good source of content marketing strategies and inspiration. This is because these front line agents know what your customers are concerned about and they probably have it written on a sticky note somewhere. Customer feedback is extremely valuable. Why […]

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3 Tips for Reaching Out to Influential...

Kiesha Joseph

Trying to grow your brand online? Savvy business owners understand the value of blogging regularly to grow brands. Many bloggers are quite willing to help your brand grow. Some may blog for/about your brand for free. Others will charge a fee. Either way, reaching out to influential bloggers is key simply because they’ll bring more […]

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