Real Estate Content Marketing Proposal

Every successful real estate brand needs a real estate content marketing strategy. Blogs are the most common tools used to market businesses online. Content marketing is an effective way to get more traffic to your real estate blog.

A blog provides website visitors with valuable content. This content creates a level of trust, which can eventually lead to sales when they’re ready to buy a home or sale a home. Content also increases your PR level (pagerank level), which raises your ranking with Google. With a higher ranking, your website can be found on the first page of searches performed using certain keywords.

At Content Marketing Geek, we understand that Realtors and other real estate professionals are very busy individuals. That’s why we’ve chosen to write a simple real estate content marketing service proposal for you, instead of a long, drawn out formal proposal.

Identification of Content Marketing Needs

Plain and simple, your real estate brand needs a blog. A blog will add informative content that can be found on the internet using various keywords. Once an online user enters their search term in Google and other search engines, those keywords will bring them to your content. Upon reading the article or blog post, if they find it interesting, they will click links located within the content or elsewhere on the blog.

Some of these links will send them to other real estate content on your blog. This keeps your online visitors engaging with you for longer periods of time. In time, they will begin to consider you to be an authoritative figure in the real estate industry. They will turn to your blog for information they need, thanks to your real estate content marketing strategy.

Other links will take them straight to relevant pages on your website. This may be homes for sale, your “About Us” page, forms, seller resources, contact information, etc… These links help to increase traffic to your website, getting more exposure for your real estate listings. Linking also increases your search engine rankings, which helps to get your blog/website on the first page of Google and other search engine results.

Proposed Content Marketing Services

Content Marketing Geek’s real estate content marketing services will help increase your sales, making you more money. These are just some of the services I would like to perform for you:

  1. Keyword research – We will do the research needed in order to ensure that content is written based on keywords that users are currently using in online searches.
  2. Content Writing – We will write high-quality, unique content that will attract visitors to your site. Your content will be informative and relevant to what your online visitors are looking for.
  3. Online Marketing – We will perform online marketing services to ensure that your content is found in search engines. This will include, but is not limited to, piing services, social networking and link building.
  4. e-newsletter Services – We will write high-quality content that will go out to your e-newsletter subscribers. This content will be engaging, which will get readers to click links in the e-newsletter to visit your landing pages on your blog and website.

Real Estate Content Marketing References

Our pride and joy is a blog we wrote articles for that reports on housing market news. We were the sole content providers for this blog. When we first began posting to the blog in 2012, the PR level was only 2.

When the blog owner decided to take his real estate content marketing in another direction, the PR level for this blog was 5. Through our research, there are various keywords that are searched daily that have brought this blog up to the first page of Google and other search engine results.

Costs to You

As a Realtor, we know that the bottom line for you is making money. Costs are very important, right along with quality. That’s why we offer Content Marketing Packages for as low as $100 per month.

Don’t have a website yet? Get a Starter Website, along with 1-month of free website marketing services for just $100.

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