SEO-Friendly Product Descriptions

Do you own an online store that’s not making the sales you expected? Maybe you need to check to be sure it includes SEO-friendly product descriptions.

Generally, search engines don’t send organic traffic to store homepages. Most searchers are sent to category pages and specific product pages. That means your webpages, product names, URLs and descriptions need to be SEO-friendly.

Including SEO keywords your target customers are using in searches is the key to success. This is the only way to let Google and search engines know EXACTLY WHO to send to your online store products.

That means redefining your target market to determine exactly which SEO keywords to use in each product description, title and URL.

SEO-Friendly Product Description Example
SEO-Friendly Product Description Example. Image Source: Big Commerce

How to Create SEO-Friendly Product Descriptions for Better Online Sales

If your store’s category and product pages don’t have unique, written text, they won’t get organic search traffic. Search engines just aren’t savvy enough to look at product images and know what they are all about. So, they can’t determine what traffic is valuable or will actually convert.

If your text isn’t SEO-Friendly, you probably won’t get traffic from people who actually want to buy what you’re selling. You need to use the SEO keywords they are using in online searches while looking for the products you sell. 

To be SEO-Friendly, each product description in your online store should:

  • Be at least 300 words long
  • Include multiple SEO keywords in multiple variations
  • Be visually appealing with H2/H3 subheadings, bullet points, numbered lists, etc… 
  • Be 100% UNIQUE… copy/paste will get your site slammed for PLAGIARISM because search engines know which site published it FIRST
This is not an SEO-friendly product description. Plus, the content isn't engaging enough to reel in buyers.
This is not an SEO-friendly product description. Plus, the content isn’t engaging enough to reel in buyers. Image Source: WordPress

Creating Unique SEO-Friendly Products for Your Online Store

Every product in your online store is unique. Not only does each one deserve a uniquely written description that entices readers to click, they must be unique for search engines to not consider them plagiarism. 

3 Keys to SEO-Friendly Online Store Products

When adding new products to your store, you need to make the product unique from other products in your store, and online as a whole. All three of these areas need to be unique AND SEO-FRIENDLY:

  1. Product Name: Should describe the item and include SEO keywords
  2. Product URL: Keep it short and simple, but include keywords
  3. Product Description: Should describe item, the idea behind the item and include detailed information that customers want to know about it (see below)


Let’s say your online store contains a tee with the caption “DOUGHNUT IN A WORLD FULL OF PLAIN BAGELS.”

This is a popular phrase for people who DARE TO BE DIFFERENT. After talking about the fashion part of the tee, spend 250+ words explaining this phrase.

So, people into this philosophy will see the RELEVANT CONTENT written in the product description in search engine results. They may or may not see the product. But they will see the written text that answers the questions or provides solutions to the problems they were dealing with online.

That will bring them to the product page itself. If they like the tee. They’ll remember it. They may browse the store frequently because of the engaging info in the tee’s description.

Now, you’re in their browser cookies. They may even follow the store for product updates (CONVERSION). Then, when they’re ready to buy, they will buy from you (ULTIMATE CONVERSION).

Disclaimer: This isn’t guaranteed. But it definitely improves your chances of making sales online.

Get SEO Friendly Product Description Writing from Content Marketing Geek
Get SEO Friendly Product Description Writing from Content Marketing Geek. Image Source: Pinterest

Get Unique Product Descriptions for Your Online Store

We offer packages for SEO-friendly product names, URLs and descriptions for your online store. What you get for each product:

  • SEO keyword research to discover what your target customers are using in online searches for your types of products
  • General SEO-Friendly descriptions written about the material, sizes available, etc… 
  • Researched content written relevant to your niche, related to the symbol, logo, saying, image, etc… on the product itself
  • Content will be engaging to help you connect to your store visitors so they actually want to buy from you
  • SEO-friendly product description written
  • SEO-friendly URL created with permanent 303 redirects if needed
  • No less than 300 words per product description

Ready to make your online store a success in 2020? You need to make the products in your store more SEO-friendly so search engines know who to send to which store item.

The Content Marketing Geek Team will do the research needed to make your products 100% unique and optimized for search engine success. Check out our online marketing packages for more information.

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