Rediscover Your Target Market for 2020

Didn’t get the hits and sales you expected in 2019? Then, You probably need to rediscover your target market to reach your ideal customers in 2020 through quality SEO.

It’s almost impossible to surpass the online reach of the big brand names in your industry, market and/or niche organically. This usually requires spending thousands of dollars on advertising and marketing.

A more economical solution is to NARROW DOWN YOUR TARGET MARKET. This ensures that you reach the people searching online for what you have to offer.


How to Rediscover Your Target Market for 2020 Searches

If you haven’t narrowed down your target market, more than likely, you’re not reaching the right people online…

Let’s say your target market was women entrepreneurs in 2018. Yet, by the end of 2019, your conversions were still low. Well, maybe you need to tweak the online users you target so you’re not competing with SEO keywords already ruled by big brands.

For 2020, maybe you want to go with “women entrepreneurs in Las Vegas,” “business ideas for women to work at home,” “female entrepreneurs with mental health issues”… 

In other words, you need to target a SPECIFIC group in order to create an SEO plan that actually brings qualified traffic to your site. Your aim is to convert these site visitors, whether it’s getting them to sign-up for your newsletter, complete a form, follow your blog or BUY NOW.

It’s Time to Tweak Your Target Market for 2020 Sales & Conversions 

Sometimes, we launch websites with a very general target market in mind. Yet, in time, you find that this market may or may not visit your site, and they never convert, Then, this is not the target audience for you.

The goal is to reach your target customers, because they are the people looking for what you’re offering online. Let me help you discover who’s actually online searching for the services and products you offer.

Then, we can use valuable, unique, SEO-friendly content to transform your products and services into solutions that fix problems your target customers are having right now… in 2020.

Target Audience Tips for 2019
Target Audience Tips for 2020. Image Source: DigiFish

How I Help You Rediscover & Redefine Your Target Market?

You will get the following data, while I work closely with you to help you NARROW DOWN YOUR TARGET CUSTOMERS:

  • SEO Research – Discover what keywords your target customers are using in online searches 
  • SEO Analysis Report – Words to use moving forward to reel in the people already looking for you 
  • SEO Tips – A few topic and other content ideas to help you get started creating content that brings value to the lives of your target customers in 2020
  • Competitor Analysis – Find out what SEO keywords your competition is using to “steal” your customers online

How Does Narrowing Down Your Target Market Benefit You?

Working with the Content Marketing Geek team to tweak your target market will help improve your online reach. These are just some of the benefits of choosing the right target market for your brand in 2020:

  • Allows you to focus on the people already looking for your solutions (possibly already ready to buy or convert) 
  • Helps you create an SEO-plan for better off page, webpage and blog post content, as well as video, product and service descriptions to get more QUALIFIED traffic to your site 
  • Leads to increased traffic from people looking for what you offer online as solutions to problems they are currently having

If you want to reach page one in Google search results and reach your target customers through SEO-friendly content, you need to narrow your target market down to a reachable group.

Let me help you discover the group that’s already searching for your solutions online now. Click the link below to learn more about the Rediscover Your Target Market Package.

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