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We understand the importance of relevant SEO and quality content for bringing more qualified traffic to your site… in other words, people looking for what you’re offering online. Online marketing services can help.

That’s why we provide online, website and blog marketing services that help build your brand. We help bring what you have to offer in front of your target market in online searches. 

Online Marketing Services for New Branding in 2020

We are confident in our SEO and digital marketing skills. Our goal is to bring you results based on your conversion needs. Check out the following online marketing services to help build your brand and get better traffic online in 2020.

This year, we are targeting specific entrepreneurs and small business owners with our marketing services and packages. Currently, we are offering the following online marketing plans as package deals:

  • Rediscover Your Target Market
  • SEO & Online Marketing Plans
  • Local Marketing Plans
  • Monthly Blogging Packages
  • SEO-Friendly Product Descriptions
  • WordPress Website Design & Marketing Plans
Target Audience Tips for 2019
Target Audience Tips for 2020. Image Source: DigiFish

Rediscover Your Target Market for 2020

Not getting the hits and sales you expect? Maybe you’re not talking to the right people online. Sometimes, the people we target in the beginning phases of our brands, aren’t the ones looking for what we’re offering.

Let me help you discover who’s actually online searching for the services and products you offer. Then, you can transform your them into solutions to fix problems they’re having through valuable SEO content.

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SEO & quality content bring QUALIFIED organic traffic to your site.
SEO & quality content bring QUALIFIED organic traffic to your site. Image Source: Medium

SEO & Online Marketing Services

If your site is not getting the traffic you expected, you’re not reaching your target audience. In some cases, that’s because you haven’t narrowed down your target customer yet. You need to first rediscover your target market.

Until you know who your target customers are, it’s impossible to use the correct keywords to reel them into your site. You need to determine who they are to speak their language… in other words, use the SEO keywords they are using in 2020 to find the solutions you provide online. 

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Local Marketing gets foot traffic inside the door of your brick and mortar business.
Local Marketing gets foot traffic inside the door of your brick and mortar business. Image Source: SEO Kochi

Local Marketing Packages

Local SEO helps boost the visibility of your brand both online and offline. When done correctly, your efforts increase traffic to your website, brick and mortar foot traffic, as well as your BUY NOW buttons for more online sales.

When users search for services and products in their local area, Google’s algorithms kick in and direct them to the nearest brands offering those solutions. Local searches are extremely common for people on-the-go using mobile devices.

Improving local SEO increases your chances of ending up on page one of search results. This not only boosts traffic to your site, but it helps you reach an audience already interested in what you have to offer.

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Content Marketing Strategy Infographic
Content Marketing Strategy Infographic – Image by by Intersection Consulting

Monthly Blogging Packages

Interested in using content marketing to bring more traffic to your website? Then, you need to start blogging. Too busy running your business to find the time to blog yourself?

All entrepreneurs and business owners need content marketing. If you sell products or services (solutions) to consumers, you need content marketing. If you’re a B2B company that services other businesses or large corporations, you need content marketing.

These visitors come to your site because they’re looking for product or service solutions to solve their problems. They don’t want to be “sold” anything. Consumers of today prefer information that can educate them about a particular subject. So, what will they see when they land on your site?

Consistent blogging allows you to provide your site visitors will valuable information and resources related to your brand, industry and/or niche. This allows you to set your brand up as an industry expert who loves helping. When they are ready to make a purchase, they’ll come to you… their trusted source.

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Get SEO Friendly Product Description Writing from Content Marketing Geek
Get SEO Friendly Product Description Writing from Content Marketing Geek. Image Source: Pinterest

SEO-Friendly Product Descriptions

Do you own an online store that’s not making the sales you expected? Maybe you need to check to be sure it includes SEO-friendly product descriptions.

Generally, search engines don’t send organic traffic to store homepages. Most searchers are sent to category pages and specific product pages. That means your webpages, product names, URLs and descriptions need to be SEO-friendly.

Including SEO keywords your target customers are using in searches is the key to success. This is the only way to let Google and search engines know EXACTLY WHO to send to your online store products.

That means redefining your target market to determine exactly which SEO keywords to use in each product description, title and URL.

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There's no point in launching a site if you don't plan to market it. You probably won't get traffic.
There’s no point in launching a site if you don’t plan to market it. You probably won’t get traffic. Image Source: Purely Branded

Need an SEO-friendly website for your brand, products or services? Well, it takes more than just launching a site to get the traffic you want. You need complete web design and marketing packages for your site to be successful.

It’s frustrating for web design firms to create websites for new clients that aren’t successful. That’s why we don’t sell web design services alone.

Instead, when you purchase a web package from us, it comes with a full-service 3-month marketing plan as well. 

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All Digital Marketing Services We Offer

These are just some of the numerous online marketing and SEO services our content marketing geeks provide to entrepreneurs, small business owners, bloggers, authors, real estate agents and more:

  • Rediscover Your Target Market
  • Starter Websites
  • SEO Keyword Research
  • Meta Data SEO Setup
  • White Hat SEO
  • Yoast SEO
  • Backend SEO
  • Web page SEO
  • Image & Video SEO
  • SEO Keyword Implementation
  • Article Writing
  • Content Writing
  • Webpage Content Writing
  • Visual Content Creation
  • Blogging & Guest Blogging
  • Social Media Setup
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Forum Posting & Engagement
  • Google Analytics Setup/Integration
  • Press Release Writing & Publishing
  • Competitor Analysis Research
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Online Reputation Crisis Management
  • Online Reputation Strategy
  • Local Online Marketing
  • Email Campaigns
  • Email Marketing
  • Auto Responders
  • Landing Pages
  • MailChimp Management
  • Newsletters
  • eBook Writing
  • eBook Editing
  • eBook SEO Marketing
  • eBook Self-Publishing Prep
  • Brand Building
  • Brand Rebranding

Ready to transform your brand into an industry expert using SEO-friendly website and blog content? We have you covered. Click the link below to find out more about our 3-Month Marketing Packages.

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