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What is Content Marketing? Simply put, content is information. Therefore, Content Marketing helps you market your company, brand, product or service using information your target market is searching for online. This is done by publishing valuable, informative content related to your niche, that actually brings value to the lives of your target audience.

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To be truly effective, your content must be:

  • Informative
  • Interesting
  • Relevant to your niche

How Does Content Marketing Work?

Content Marketing Strategy Infographic
Content Marketing Strategy Infographic – Image by intersectionconsulting

Well, let’s say a potential customer uses a specific keyword in a search engine. This person is searching for a solution to some sort of issue or problem. The search results will show pages of articles, blog posts and web pages containing that keyword.

You must do some research to find out what keywords your target audience is using in searches. We’ll do that for you! Then, we’ll write high-quality, unique content just for you, using those keywords.

A good content marketing strategy involves writing content that engages your visitors. You want to entice them to return frequently for new, exciting content. In time, they’ll trust you as an authority in your industry. Then, when they’re ready to make a purchase, they’ll purchase from you.

Who Needs Content Marketing?

All entrepreneurs and business owners need content marketing. If you sell products or services (solutions) to consumers, you need content marketing. If you’re a B2B company that services other businesses or large corporations, you need content marketing.

Traditional Publicity vs Content Marketing
Traditional Publicity vs Content Marketing – Image by visual-ly

Content marketing provides a way for you and your brand to shine online. Content ensures that your online visitors know just how valuable your brand is to your industry.

Even large corporations research potential vendors and agents online before choosing one. Today, the internet provides consumers with a convenient way to research businesses before spending money with them. Here’s a quote from PS Newswire in regards to a consumer survey:

“Nearly All Consumers (97%) Now Use Online Media to Shop Locally, According to BIA/Kelsey and ConStat”

Out of all of the consumers who took part in the survey:

  • 90% research products and services using search engines.
  • 48% find local companies and vendors using online yellow pages.
  • 24% research solutions using vertical sites.
  • 42% research solutions using comparison shopping websites.

When is Content Important?

Content is always important to the success of a website or blog. Anyone who has a site wants visitors. Content is the best way to gain new visitors, as well as retain the visitors you currently serve.

These visitors come to your site because they’re looking for product or service solutions to solve their problems. They don’t want to be “sold” anything. Consumers of today prefer information that can educate them about a particular subject. So, what will they see when they land on your site?

Content Marketing Sales Funnel
Content Marketing Sales Funnel – Image by socialfresh

Let’s say a potential customer uses specific keywords to find a solution in Google or other search engines. The search results return various web pages, blog posts, and articles that are relevant to those keywords. Somewhere on the page, an exciting, interesting title catches the eyes. After clicking the link, he/she is now on one of your recent blog posts.

Now, the consumer has landed on your blog post and found it to be very valuable. This person will remember where they read such great information. Later, he/she decides to search for a solution using other keywords. Within the search results, there sparkles another one of your blog posts.

Your link is clicked because the consumer is beginning to trust you. She/he wants to learn more from you about your niche and/or solutions. The consumer clicks the link, reads the post and loves it.

After researching various solutions, it’s time for this consumer to narrow down the choices. Finally, the consumer ends up choosing you, a business who provided valuable information that makes lives better. That’s one of the points of great content. It brings value to the lives of your target market.

How Can Content Marketing Geek Help?

Content is for the real estate broker, plumber, property manager, stylist, singer, rapper, model, personal trainer, mechanic, etc… Whatever your niche is, your ultimate goal is to grow your business to make more money. That means gaining the respect of your target market through education and information.

No matter what type of business you run, you are much too busy for content marketing. We completely understand that. We also understand how valuable content can be to the success of your company. But, once again, you simply don’t have time to write content.

Build Your Brand with SEO Techniques and Content Marketing
Build Your Brand with SEO Techniques and Content Marketing. Image by randfeverinc

We will do all of your content marketing for you. Our packages include providing and posting quality content to your blog or website. We will get you more traffic, and help turn your online leads into sales. All you have to do is continue to provide quality solutions and great customer service.

In the meantime, we’ll continue to build your brand, increasing your company’s online recognition.

Why Use Content Marketing Geek?

We know content marketing and we know SEO. We keep up with the latest changes in the way Google ranks websites. Want your site to appear on the first page of an online search? We can almost guarantee that with our SEO services, within 3-6 months of starting your online marketing campaign.

6 Rules of Content Marketing
6 Rules of Content Marketing – Image by designatededitor

Unlike the old days, it’s not about alphabetical order anymore. You won’t appear at the top of search results simply because your company’s name is AAA or A1. Today, you need valuable content in order to be considered relevant by search engines.

When you place your order with Content Marketing Geek, your content will be 100% unique. We are completely against plagiarism. Once we sell you an article or blog post, we will not sell it again to anyone else… ever.

Your content will be SEO friendly, for maximum performance in Google and other search engines. Raise your site’s Google ranking with quality content from your Content Marketing Geek.

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