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Blog VS Newspaper
Blog VS Newspaper. Image Source: Spread This

News VS Blog Posts

Writing news is completely different from writing blog posts. You need to capture your audience’s attention within seconds. You have about 2 sentences to get the job done.

When reporting the news online, you are talking to an audience of people who want to know about the NEWS in your headline (title). And, they want to know about it FAST.

In other words, let’s say your title is Charles Manson’s Body on Ice Until Court Rules. Within the first 2-3 sentences, the audience should know why the body is on ice, or exactly what the court has to do with his body.

Do not spend the first 3 sentences explaining his crimes or telling where the court is located. You need to QUICKLY reel them in so they want to continue reading. Although this is your intro, I’ve found that it’s best to write it SECOND TO LAST.



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