Schedules & Using Airtable

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When I Work is the scheduling system we use for news reporting only. You are ONLY required to take a shift from When I Work to write news stories from the Airable base named OS: Prison Rideshare Network.

Note: OS stands for ON SITE… Meaning, you will post content for that brand directly on the website, not here in Airtable or in CMG Intranet.

What You Will Learn in This Course

  • How to pick up schedules in When I Work
  • How to choose Open Jobs from OS: Prison Rideshare Network in Airtable
  • How to update Airtable for easy editing


Things to Know About Course

  • You have 1 day to finish this course once you start
  • You must pass the final quiz with at least an 85% score
  • You can retake the course up to 5 times



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