4 Lucrative Benefits of Online Directory Listings Sites

Almost all purchases in these days begin with online searches. That means that your business needs to have an online presence in order to remain relevant in your market. Online directories are affordable, sometimes even free, methods of advertising online. Here are four more lucrative benefits of listing your company on an online directory listings site: 1) Get Found Easily Building your brand online is the best way to get the word out about your solutions (products and/or services). The more consumers see your brand, the more awareness is created. Oftentimes, consumers will visit online business directory sites looking for specific solutions to solve specific problems. These sites make it simple to find businesses by searching through various categories. If your company’s not listed, they won’t find it during a search on the site. 2) Target Your Marketing Efforts Most consumers who visit online directory listings sites already have a clear goal. They know exactly what they’re searching for online. That means that in most cases, they’re already prepared to make an online purchase. They just need to find the right company to buy from online. One of the lucrative benefits of online directory listings is that you’re targeting your […]

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Slideshare: What is Customer Lifecycle?

The Customer Lifecycle is a powerful marketing concept which identifies the various key milestones every customer tends to go through or follow during the course of a relationship with a specific brand. Read more. Slideshare by Connie J of CJ’s Virtual Assistance What is Customer Lifecycle? Your goal of Customer […]

What Do Customers Expect to Find on B2B Vendors Websites?

When you ask businesses what they want from their B2B Vendors websites, the answer is almost always the same: more leads to increase sales. But, according to the 2014 B2B Web Usability Report, when it comes to simplifying the buying process, most vendors create their own stumbling blocks. This KoMarketing Associates survey report features 32 pages of content, complete with 17 data charts, seven research findings and 20 important takeaways on “how to improve your vendor website.” It addresses the key role played by vendor websites during the B2B buying process, such as: The three most crucial bits of information typical buyers need before they’ll move forward and buy from you.AAAAAA The marketing collateral missing from most vendor websites, and why this missing content is deterring your target marketing from doing business with you. The truths about how good blogging and the lack of activity on social media actually effect the buying process. The things that really annoy buyers and make them leave your website altogether. Contact Information is #1 “Must Have” on B2B Vendors Websites According to the MarketingProfs post, What B2B Buyers Want From Vendor Websites, customers expect to find your business contact information in an easily accessible […]

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What is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a way of raising capital through contributions from others. It’s generally used by entrepreneurs, small business owners, artists, developers, and anyone else in need of funding in order to complete a specific project. Benefits of Crowdfunding The term crowdfunding comes from the use of small amounts of funds from a crowd of individuals to finance a venture. Individuals forming the “crowd” can come from a number of sources. Project managers make use of family, friends, colleagues, social media sites, personal and business websites and blogs, press releases, even email marketing to spread the word about their crowdfunding ventures. All of this is done in hopes of attracting new investors. Crowdfunding allows entrepreneurs and small business owners to expand their investment pools. This gives them the ability to raise funds using sources beyond traditional means such as venture capitalists, lender financing, family and friends. Reasons to Raise Capital with Crowdfunding In short, crowdfunding empowers small businesses and entrepreneurs to raise money for ventures. Here are just some of the reasons individuals become crowdfunders: Raise capital to start a new business. Raise funds to launch a new product. Raise money for an art, movie or music project. Get donations for […]

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What’s the Difference Between a Website and a Blog?

Do you know the difference between a website and a blog? What purposes do each one generally serve? How do search engines place value on one verses the other? What is a website? A website is a group of webpages that are dedicated to the marketing of a particular brand, industry, niche, or set of products or services. Generally, the content on a website stays the same, which is called “static content.” The purpose of a website is to serve as a brand’s noticeboard. A website contains static webpages that are generally only changed for SEO purposes. The gist of the content remains the same, like the home page of Content Marketing Geek. Relevant content is written for each individual webpage of a website, based on the purpose of the webpage itself. And, that content pretty much stays the same. There are two basic exceptions to this rule: On-page SEO – There are times when website owners will change the wording of the content to re-optimize SEO. This is usually done to add better keywords, upgrade content quality, add SEO information to images, videos, etc… But, in general, the meaning behind the content remains the same. And, changes aren’t made […]

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Good Affiliate Marketing Techniques Start With A Solid Foundation

What is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is a web-based advertising technique where companies pay affiliates for every lead brought in by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts. The affiliate acts as a “brand spokesperson” that spreads the word about the products or services. Today, good affiliate marketing techniques require much more […]

4 Tips For More Effective Law Firm Marketing in 2014

Getting your law firm’s name out there and showing potential clients that your firm is the best in the field that you operate in is crucial for the success of your practice. Doing this is easier said than done though. Most lawyers that start a law firm don’t have an […]

Viral Video Marketing Techniques: Make Your Viral Video Count

With the popularity of email and social media, it’s easy for your online video to be placed in front of millions of people within seconds. For most people, this is the ultimate goal: to have a video go viral. So, how do you make yours go viral? You need to […]

Engagement Vs. Usefulness? The Content Marketing Conflict

What’s more important, content marketing engagement or target audience usefulness? The digital world can be a noisy one with everyone competing to be heard. What will make you stand out takes a bit of time to develop and understand. With B2B content, you’re looking at a model that aims to […]

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