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Get online marketing and SEO packages from an American corporation… the New Face of SEO.

3-Month Online Marketing Packages

The Content Marketing Geek team of textual artists creates customized SEO-friendly brand-building packages for entrepreneurs to fit almost any marketing budget.

Get a starter website package with three months of hard-hitting online marketing and social media marketing services for one low price (except SEO-friendly product subscriptions).

3-Month Online Marketing Plans

Here are the six main entrepreneur marketing packages we offer (click each link to learn more about the package):

  1. Rediscover Your Target Market
  2. SEO & Online Marketing Plans
  3. Local Marketing Plans
  4. Monthly Blogging Packages
  5. WordPress Website Design & Marketing Plans
  6. SEO-Friendly Product Descriptions

Local Marketing Package
3 Monthly Payments of $666 Each
Get more foot traffic to your local brick and mortar business with consistent local SEO blogging.
This plan is for local companies, including brick and mortars, who want to reach their local audiences.
Local SEO Keyword Research
Local Competitor Analysis Report
60 Blog Articles (5 per week for 3 months)
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Monthly Blogging Package
3 Monthly Payments of $833 Each
Get Targeted Traffic to Your Blog Using White Hat SEO and Blogging 7-Days per Week
This package is for all brands hoping to use blogging to grow their target audiences to increase website traffic.
Extensive SEO Keyword Research
Competitor Analysis Report
90+ Blog Articles (7 days per week for 3 months)
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SEO-Friendly Product Descriptions Package
For 10 Product Descriptions
Get unique descriptions for all of your products so Google doesn't slam your store for plagiarism.
This plan is for online store owners who want to get more qualified traffic for improved online sales.
SEO Keyword Research
Target Shoppers Analysis Report
No Less Than 500 Words Each
10 Unique Descriptions per Package
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WordPress Website Design & Marketing Package
3 Monthly Payments of $1,166 Each
Get a Dynamic, Mobile-Friendly Website with SEO-Friendly Webpages and 3-Months of Blogging
This plan is for any brand in need of a new website (comes with 3-months of #GoHard online marketing).
Target Market Mentoring
Extensive SEO Keyword Research
Competitor Analysis Report
WordPress Web Design
Social Media Setup & Implementation
Mailchimp Setup & Implementation
SEO-Friendly Webpage Content
60+ Blog Posts (5 Days per Week for 3 Months)
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Inbound Marketing Services for Small Businesses, Entrepreneurs, Bloggers, Authors, Real Estate Professionals and More

Inbound marketing, or online marketing, is the most effective way to promote your brand on the Web. It’s a way of luring those interested in what you have to offer into your site, as opposed to bombarding them with annoying banner ads, popups and paid search engine and social media ads.

This is done by providing your target audience with content that answers questions they have and/or solves problems they have, which is called content marketing. In other words, your content needs to bring value to the lives of your site visitors.

In order to get Google and other search engines to send traffic to your blog, you must add fresh, new content on a regular basis. Your blog content must also be unique, and relevant to your blog’s niche. You want to publish blog posts that educates, informs, entertains and/or piques the interests of your blog visitors.

Outsource Content Writing So You Can Spend Time Doing What You Do Best

For many busy entrepreneurs and small business owners, there’s simply no time to write compelling blog posts while working hard to keep the business afloat. Outsourcing your blogging efforts to a full-service content marketing company allows you to concentrate on providing quality products and/or services, as well as great customer service.

Content Marketing Geek Corporation offers monthly blogging packages to help drive traffic to your website, blog, social media networks or other online content. We’ll help you build your brand online, increase traffic to your site, and essentially, make more money online.

Many SEO experts are not located here in the United States. When you outsource SEO services overseas, your content sounds as if it was written by a non-native of the US.

Here at Content Marketing Geek Corporation, we are The New Face of SEO in 2019. All of our content is written to be SEO-friendly, by US-native English speaking content writers. So, you not only attract traffic from Google and other search engines, but you actually bring value to the lives of your readers.

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