10 Useful B2B Social Media Tools for B2B Marketing in 2015

Countless B2B companies need to know just how much social media drives real growth. When used properly, social media marketing tools can give your company a helpful boost. Once they are on social media, many B2B companies are skeptical. They are unsure what their next step is supposed to be in the social media marketing world. Many don’t believe their outbound marketing efforts will work. But, like everything else, social media marketing is more effective when you use appropriate B2B social media tools. 10 Social Media Tools B2B Companies Will Be Using in 2015 Here are some of the best B2B social media tools that help you get the most out of social media. 1. Salesforce.com Salesforce.com is an enterprise cloud computing company. They have developed its web based CRM product – Service Cloud 2. Their Service Cloud 2 platform helps them integrate social media with the Salesforce.com ecosystem. What is the best Salesforce application for B2B marketers? It is Salesforce for Twitter. Salesforce for Twitter lets you bring in and control Twitter feeds and accounts within the Salesforce.com CRM. Salesforce is one of the best B2B social media tools. 2. HootSuite HootSuite is a great B2B social media tool, for managing multiple Twitter accounts and multiple […]

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